Innovative concept of water-borne bicycles launched in Bhaktapur

Published On: August 26, 2023 06:37 PM NPT By: Krishna Kisi

BHAKTAPUR, Aug 26: Bhaktapur Municipality has introduced a new concept for linking tourism with local livelihoods in collaboration with private sector stakeholders.

TN Adventures, in collaboration with the municipality, has launched the concept of 'Water Cycle' arguably for the first time in Nepal, adding a unique dimension to recreation and adventure. 

This groundbreaking initiative features water-propelled bicycles, aptly named 'Water Cycles,' which have been inaugurated at Nah Pukhu (pond) in Ward No 1 of Bhaktapur Municipality.

Surya Prasad Neupane, president of the management committee, said this venture brings an element of international entertainment and adventure to the country. He expressed gratitude to Bhaktapur Municipality for granting the opportunity to introduce the novel 'Water Cycle' concept in Nepal.

Sujan Timilsina, a member of the management committee, shared that a fleet of six water bicycles is now ready for service at Nah Pukhu. Each water cycle accommodates two riders at a time. A nominal fee of Rs 200 is charged for a single ride. For ensuring safety, the management has appointed skilled human resources and a dedicated rescue team, well-versed in water cycle operation, to mitigate any potential risks.

Tapendra Timilsina, chairman of Sunkoshi Rural Municipality and a special guest at the inauguration ceremony, highlighted the importance of linking tourism with local livelihoods. He applauded Bhaktapur Municipality for setting an exemplary precedent by integrating ponds with tourism, thereby fostering employment opportunities and income generation through the operation of water cycles.

Chairman Timilsina firmly believes that such innovative opportunities have the potential to retain young talents within the country, curbing the trend of overseas migration. He asserted that the country's progress and societal development can be significantly influenced by harnessing the power of the youth.

Where is Nah Pukhu?

Nestled just 100 meters away from the Siddhapokhari in Dudhapati of Bhaktapur, Nah Pukhu has transformed from a traditional pond to a thriving modern tourist destination. As you head towards Bhaktapur city through Siddhapokhari, Nah Pukhu is conveniently located in Itachhen tol. It is easily accessible through the entrance gate adjacent to the Bhaktapur Express Bus Park. Additionally, those seeking directions can refer to the location map of the District Attorney's Office and Gyan Bijay Basic School for guidance.

In the past, Nah Pukhu was a daily stop for locals returning from their farming activities to wash themselves, their livestock, and their tools. However, in recent years, the pond has undergone a remarkable makeover. Locals have expressed their happiness that the dirty and smelly pond until a few years ago has now become a clean pond attracting tourists.

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