Inclusion doesn't mean including unqualified: CJ Karki

Published On: November 19, 2016 01:30 AM NPT By: Jitendra Kumar Jha

RAJBIRAJ, Nov 19: Chief Justice Sushila Karki has said that although she is in favor of proportional inclusive system, she will not appoint an unqualified candidate as justice as such a move would be inappropriate.

She stressed the need for producing capable individuals saying that promoting an unqualified individual in the judiciary or any other sector just on the basis of proportional inclusive system would invite negative consequences.

"On the one hand a person demands proportional inclusiveness and on the other, the same person doesn't allow the female members of his family to lift the veil. This tendency still exists in our society, which is wrong," Karki told journalists at Rajbiraj Airport on Friday. "Everyone should create an environment favorable for daughters and daughters-in-law so that they can become capable citizens. Only then can proportional inclusiveness be felt."

The chief justice emphasized in promoting inclusive practice right from one's family and society.

She sought support from all sides in her efforts to end irregularities in the judicial sector.

Asked about the trend of nominating candidates for justices based on political affiliations, Karki argued that an individual can have some political conviction but he/she must work independently after assuming judicial responsibility.


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