In Support of My Candidacy in NC’s 14th general convention

Published On: December 2, 2021 08:15 AM NPT By: Prakash Pokhrel

It is certain that the organization of the NC will be weakened if the mature leaders do not get the opportunity during the formation of the provincial committees. Only the experience of mature leaders and the ability and activism of young leaders can make the NC strong. 

Despite repeated confusions, the 14th General Convention of the Nepali Congress (NC) is finally going to be held this Month. With the date of the session fixed, new enthusiasm has spread among the NC cadres and supporters.

As the aspirations for leadership positions have been on the rise since the ward level session, it can be assumed that the people's trust in the NC is increasing, but the background of the majority in the leadership positions suggests that loyalty and ideals within the party are waning. Concerns are rife within the NC that money and Muscle are gaining ground. When it comes to ward, city, region and district level sessions, the cadres seem to be worried as extreme factionalism is growing within the party. It is not in the interest of the NC to take the lead in a factional way that affects the voters. It is certainly not in the interest of the party to restrict the natural right of the representative to freely select the leadership. The party organization is getting weaker day by day due to the struggle to make oneself strong within the party.

For the first time in the history of the Nepali Congress, new leadership is being selected in all the seven provinces according to the federal structure. It is almost certain that the aspirants will take the field for the leadership of the provinces in a group, but since the attitude of most of the provincial general convention delegates is that there should be better leadership than ours. It is necessary for the central leadership to be prudent in selecting candidates. The outcome of the provincial sessions will have a direct impact on the central convention as well.

Neighboring nations are also watching the Nepali Congress’ General Convention with interest. Interacting with Indian leaders, the self-proclaimed pundits seem to have a special interest in the NC leadership, mainly in Province 2 and Lumbini Province. Therefore, the leadership of Lumbini Province is of special importance in the politics of the NC. Neighboring India has a different interest in the geography from Nawalparasi to Bardiya, so it is important for the NC leadership to be strong and effective.

I am myself trying to use my 30 years of political experience with the NC to play a responsible role in building the party organization in Lumbini Province. It is certain that the organization of the NC will be weakened if the mature leaders do not get the opportunity during the formation of the provincial committees. Only the experience of mature leaders and the ability and activism of young leaders can make the NC strong. In consultation with some of the senior leaders of the NC’s central leadership, intellectuals and delegates elected for Lumbini, including the General Convention delegates, I am trying to establish myself as the Joint General Secretary for Lumbini. It is necessary to develop a culture of evaluation on the basis of contribution and capacity in the party. Observing the village to district level sessions, it was seen that there was an attempt to stop the potential leaders from the grassroots in various ways. Such a culture cannot nurture the organization of the NC. When one finger is shown to others, four fingers are turned towards oneself. I aim to give a strong impetus to the NC organization in Lumbini Province and build a strong organization that can get the Nepali Congress elected with a majority in the local, provincial and federal elections within the province. Surviving the long wave of treatment in the ICU at Medicity Hospital during the second wave of Covid, with this new life, I seek to move forward with a commitment to the country and the people. While claiming for the post of General Secretary, it seems relevant to present some grounds.

1: After the then King Gyanendra took over, voices against the King's move were recorded and broadcast in the international media by the top leaders including the NC president who was under house arrest. By presenting the underground leaders in the international media, the King was forced to back down from his regressive steps. During this period, I had to be deported to India for some time after receiving death threats from reactionary groups. I also had to live underground even while being in Nepal. If democracy had not been restored, it would not have been possible to hold such an open party convention today.

2: In order to establish peace in Nepal through various media to create pressure among the international community to internationalize the voice of the people affected by the Maoists and the national army some 18 years back, I was beaten too and my right ear still has hearing issues because of the army's beating. Peace has been established in Nepal under the leadership of the Nepali Congress due to an all-round pressure.

3: I was abducted and was kept in captivity by the Maoists in Kapilvastu for protesting against the atrocities against the Nepali Congress activists. Jani Banjade, a student leader close to the Maoists, did not spare my life and even the Maoist extremists ordered to kill me.

4. The pen movement (articles published in national / international newspapers) pressured the government to oust Prime Minister KP Oli, who led the government with a two-thirds majority, as the threat of an attack on the democratic system increased due to his arbitrariness, authoritarianism, fake nationalist character and corruption. The people here are aware of this. As a result, the Nepali Congress now has the opportunity to lead the government.

5: 33 years back, I was leading the Nepal Student Union in Naya Gaon Gulmi and have been actively participating in the people's movement for the restoration of democracy.

6: Due to the panel's mismatch in the 12th / 13th General Convention of the Nepali Congress, I as a candidate for the General Convention was limited.

7. I have been working day and night to strengthen the Nepali Congress organization by writing articles and by attracting the general public to the party through visiting different districts.

8: I have been making special contributions to various fields including ambulance operation, drinking water, irrigation, health, education and tourism in the villages.

9: Being close to the central leadership, I have been assisting the leadership through analytical suggestions of national / international politics.

10. Contributing to maintaining good relations between Nepal and neighboring nations through articles and various private meetings.

11: I am elected as a representative for the upcoming 14th General Convention from Gulmi 2 (b) with a majority of votes.

On the basis of above facts, I would like to make a heartfelt appeal to the province and General Convention representatives, the NC leadership, the intelligentsia, the media and other concerned parties to extend their support in this opportunity to play a role as NC’s Joint General Secretary in Lumbini Province. 

(The author is a young leader of the Nepali Congress and a political analyst)


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