How to clean your phone after using it in the toilet!

Published On: April 15, 2018 02:09 PM NPT By: Agencies

More than half the people who use smartphones, spend more than five hours on it, says a recent research. Despite knowing how harmful the over usage of a phone is, we aren’t able to do anything about it. We are in a way bound to it and feel helpless if our phones are away from us even for 10 minutes. The way we panic when we touch our pocket and our phone is not there, tells us how phone has become an indispensable part of our lives.

We use it before we sleep, after we get up, in the loo, while eating and when not. And because of using it everywhere all the time your cell phone actually gets covered in germs. Studies have shown most phones test positive for disease-causing microbes and even faecal matter.

You will be surprised to know your mobile surface is the dirtiest thing around you, more than the toilet seat. Yes, you heard that right. A study conducted by the University of Arizona reveals your toilet seat is the cleanest place with around 50 bacteria per square inch. Whereas your cutting board has 200 bacteria over one square inch and you phone having the most of it, 11,020 germs per square inch.

These gross microbes and poop particles reach from your phone to your hands and from there to your face. So, how to make this ‘germ carrier instrument’ (phone) clean? We’ll tell you!

DILUTED ALCOHOL SPRAY: Take a lint-free cloth, spray some diluted alcohol solution on it and clean your phone with light hands.

 Things you will need: Bottled water, lint-free cloth, spray bottle and 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol.

How to make diluted alcohol: Take a spray bottle and fill it half with bottled water and the rest half with isopropyl alcohol. Now shake it well, it’s ready.

You can use this spray to clean your phone once in-a-week and not every day. Everyday use can lead to light damage to the screen.

DISTILLED WATER WITH WHITE VINEGAR: Distilled water mixed with white vinegar works in the same way as alcohol and bottled water. It kills and removes all the potential disease-causing microbes from your phone.

 Things you will need: Distilled water, white vinegar, spray bottle and a lint-free cloth.

How to make: Mix distilled water and white vinegar in the ratio of 50-50. Shake the spray bottle well. Now spray the solution on the cloth and then wipe your phone with it.

Some phones do not recommend using alcohol on phone, in that case, you can use white vinegar.

USE LINT-FREE SOFT CLOTH: If you are thinking from where you will get this cloth, we must tell you. It is the same piece of cloth that you get along with your eyeglasses. Using this cloth will remove the fingerprints, oils and smudges from the phone. 

 Things you will need: A lint-free piece of cloth with very little water.A lint-free piece of cloth with very little water.

How to do: You can wet one corner of the cloth and then clean the screen and body of the phone with it. Now use the dry part of the cloth to remove the excess moisture.

You can do this every day to clean your phone.

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