The astronauts who will depart the International Space Station on Sunday will be stuck using diapers on the way home because of their capsule’s broken toilet.

Using a toilet can pay for your coffee or buy you bananas at a university in South Korea, where human waste is being used to help power a building. Cho Jae-weon, an urban and environmental engineering professor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), has designed an eco-friendly toilet connected to a laboratory that uses excrement to produce biogas and manure.

Where people sell grass to pay for toilet

December 13, 2019 17:01 pm

NEPALGUNJ, Dec 13: There are 24 houses in a row at Ghasiyaran Tole of Nepalgunj Sub-Metropolitan City. The settlement has got the name as most of people have the occupation of cutting grass and selling it for livelihood which is their traditional occupation. ‘Ghas’ means grass and’ Ghasiyaran’ refers to a person who cuts, collects and sells grass.

A unique solid gold toilet that was part of an art exhibit was stolen early Saturday from the magnificent home in England where British wartime leader Winston Churchill was born.

RAJBIRAJ, Dec 17: Among the seven provinces formed after the country embraced the new federal setup, Province 2, which has eight tarai districts, can be considered backward in many aspects.

Let’s talk about Post-Defecation now!

November 19, 2018 12:33 pm

KATHMANDU, Nov 19: Can you imagine frantically rushing a kilometer just to use a toilet every day? This is the reality that 40-year-old Rita Shahi, a resident of Bhimukteshwor near Bishnumati bridge, Teku, has been facing for the past eight years now. When she feels the nature’s call, getting to the nearest toilet seeks solution to a tough challenge for the day. “Whenever possible, I rush to one of the public toilets nearby. At other times, toilets at the vegetable market in Kalimati serve to my needs of urgency.

INDIA, Oct 2: Indian farmer Kokila Damor always looked forward to visiting the city hospital, but only so that she could use its toilet.

MYAGDI, Sept 13: Two school buildings and a toilet have been swept away by the swollen Raghuganga River in the district on Thursday.

UDAYAPUR, June 20: It has been four years since Udayapur was declared an Open Defecation Free (ODF) Zone but the locals of Musahar community living in various parts of the district have just started making and using toilets.

JUMLA, May 8: As the government's 'one home, one toilet' campaign is going on full swing in the remote parts of various districts, some might find it hard to believe that there is just one toilet for an entire community in Khalanga, the district headquarters of Jumla.

More than half the people who use smartphones, spend more than five hours on it, says a recent research. Despite knowing how harmful the over usage of a phone is, we aren’t able to do anything about it. We are in a way bound to it and feel helpless if our phones are away from us even for 10 minutes. The way we panic when we touch our pocket and our phone is not there, tells us how phone has become an indispensable part of our lives.

PALPA, Mar 12: Pushpa Rana does not go to school during menstruation. The eighth grader stays at home the whole five days because she is not allowed to use toilet in her school during her periods.

KATHMANDU, Feb 5: A total of 273,703 of the 5,373,800 households in the country do not have a toilet, according to government data. Similarly, among the seven provinces, Province 2 has the highest number of people practising open defecation while every household in provinces 4 and 6 has at least one toilet.

Toilet tale

January 31, 2018 01:00 am

In the schools with separate toilets for girls, the attendance rate is high. In those where such facilities are lacking, many girls do not come to school during menstruation.

SAPTARI, Dec 26:  Preparations are in full swing in Ramanagar, Kodarkatti village of Saptari to declare the village an Open Defecation Free (ODF) zone before December 29. Residents have sped up the 'one home, one toilet campaign' in the recent days to meet the deadline.

KATHMANDU, Nov 10: The first ever 'Accessible Public Toilet' at Bhrikutimandap in the center of Kathmandu, which is supposed to be meant mainly for people with disabilities, is actually said to be unsuitable for them.

ITAHARI, August 6: A man of Gadhi Rural Municipality, Sunsari was found dead in a toilet of his in-laws house on Sunday.

KATHMANDU: With an aim to share and discuss on the directives, guidelines and business model to improve the public toilet services in municipalities, Department of Water Supply and Sewerage supported by GUTHI and Water Aid Nepal organized a one-day workshop on Sunday at Hotel Himalaya, Kupondole.

RAUTAHAT, June 3: It has been found that many villages in Rautahat were declared open defecation free areas by the government without confirming whether they meet the requirement. However, the declaration has posed a serious problem for the locals.

RAUTAHAT, April 6: Bishwanath Malli of Gaur - 11 has a dream. He wants a beautiful house and a good toilet. However, since he belongs to a Dalit community, who are referred to as ‘Doom’ in the locality, construction workers refuse to build his family’ toilet.

SARLAHI, Feb 14: Ramkali Devi, 65, and her husband Shaheb Majhi, 70 had a dream. Locals of Babargunj, they wanted a toilet for their big family. However, the couple now thinks that their dream would not come true. “In fact, it is not for us.

The toilet revolution

September 6, 2016 00:15 am

Bill Gates and Indian PM Modi should be applauded for tackling a mundane but crucial subject of toilets

Gaushala, Aug 2. The Jaleshwor Prison, a common jailhouse for Mahottari and Dhanusha districts, has no toilet for its staff, it is revealed.

KATHMANDU, July 17: A newborn baby girl was found in the toilet of Civil Hospital, Minbhawan in Kathmandu.