Homeless man struggling on streets of Libang since two decades

Published On: July 25, 2019 07:25 AM NPT By: Dinesh Subedi

ROLPA, July 25: Some time ago, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had claimed that the country would no longer witness homeless people wandering on the streets. He went on to the extent of saying that anyone who sees such people can inform the government authorities.

Despite the assurance of the prime minister, there is no dearth of such wanderers in streets across the country.

Tekman Budha, a mentally disturbed homeless person of Rolpa Municipality-9, has been wandering on the streets of Libang, the district headquarters of Rolpa, since the last 25 years.

He braves the summer heat, the cold winter and the rainy monsoon to make his living by collecting garbage. No one cares about him. But he has been making the city clean for the last 25 years. 
Chief of Rolpa Municipality, Purna KC, said that the municipality is willing to support Tekman's treatment if there is any center that looks after such people. 

“Although the municipality is willing to financially support for his treatment, we have no idea where to find the right place for his treatment,” said KC. 

The locals claim that Tekman moved from Falza village and started living in the streets of Libang since 1994. The reportedly left his village due to mental problems and he survives on leftovers or food provided by some Good Samaritan. As per the locals, his relatives have claimed his share of ancestral property back home.

He spends his entire time on the streets wandering from place to place. Although mostly known for his quiet nature, he seems to be violent at times. The locals who have long observed him believe that he could possibly gain sanity if he is provided with proper medical treatment.

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