Govt making untiring efforts to support and rescue the needy hit by disaster: PM

Published On: July 11, 2020 09:30 AM NPT By: RSS

KATHMANDU, July 11: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said the government mechanisms have been working without leaving any stone unturned for the rescue and support of the needy in the time of natural disasters. 

In a televised address Friday evening, PM Oli said that Nepal Army, Nepal Police, officials, entire mechanisms and the bodies concerned are with the citizens during the time of such crisis and woes occurring in any part of the country. The PM said that he was shocked and saddened by the human loss caused due to flooding and landslides taken place in the past couple of days in different parts of the country. According to him, rescue teams have been deployed and the relief materials distributed at the federal, provincial and district levels and provisions have been made to shift the affected ones to safer zones. 

Oli said, "This time, I focus my attention on safeguarding the lives of citizens." He also urged all three layers of government, people's representatives, politicians and all others to unite for the rescue, support and treatment of the needy in an effective fashion.

The government has been making efforts to revive the economy affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. He claimed that the death rate due to coronavirus infection in Nepal is 0.21 percent. The doctors, security personnel and other human resources are continuously working for the treatment of the infected ones. He, however, urged one and all to maintain discipline and follow the suggestions made by the Ministry of Health and Population and doctors in the wake of the growing cases of infection in the capital city following the relaxation of the lockdown order.

PM Oli argued that the discussions and disputes in the party are internal matters and the responsibility to resolve such issues goes to the party and its leadership.  

He said, "Such discussions and disagreements are purely internal and regular processes. The party leaders will resolve disputes through internal discussions and it needs time and tolerance." 

He assured that he would make his best efforts to safeguard federal republic, sovereignty, territorial integrity, national prestige and mutual harmony among the people. 

According to him, the incumbent government is all committed to saving the people from diseases and hunger at any cost. No one can shy away from  such responsibility in this critical hour. "The government is committed to saving people from the pandemic and natural disasters," he reiterated. 

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