From poop to manure: Technology eases up things for poultry farmer

Published On: October 16, 2019 11:08 AM NPT By: Sabita Shrestha

CHITWAN, Oct 16: For poultry farmers and traders, properly disposing of chicken droppings has always been a major challenge. For those who have invested huge amounts in chicken farming, this may become a really big problem.

Chicken droppings give bad odor and add to waste. After facing such problem for some time, Abhinash farming located at Gajipur of Bharatpur Municipality-18, has imported German technology to produce manure out of the droppings. Abinash has farms in Sharanpur and Nawalpur Beldia as well. 

According to Gun Chandra Bista, proprietor of the farm, the main problem in poultry farming is management of chicken droppings. The chicken droppings of Gazipur farm created foul smell and the local people protested against it time and again, making work really difficult for Bista.

The farm has the capacity of rearing 200,000 chickens but due to the foul smell and public protest, he had to rear only half the number. It took quite some time for him to import the advanced technology and start using it, so the number of chicken was kept low. 

According to Bista, the problem of managing chicken droppings has now been solved and his farm is making manure out of it. 

“We are using modern technology to dry chicken droppings and convert it into manure,” he said, “With the German machine, we develop dry manure, which does not create bad smell.”

Bista uses driers to prepare dried manure in all three of his farm. According to him, Rs 50 m is invested in each farm on equipment including the drier, air cleaner, pump, and boiler. One machine can dry 20 to 30 ton manure in a single day. Chicken droppings that are dumped in pits are also dried out. The dried manure is very useful as fertilizer.

According to Bista, chicken manure is appropriate for cardamom, tea and banana farming. “Chicken manure can be produced for agriculture,” he said, “Potash and Magnesium can also be added into the manure according to the needs of crop.” About 50 ton manure is produced daily from his three farms. He even has made plan to increase the number of chickens and make 150 ton manure in a day.

Manure produced like this is accessible and cheap compared to chemical fertilizers. Farmers who are struggling to get chemical fertilizers during the time of farming can utilize this manure. Bista has plans to sell all the dried manures. New technologies entered in chicken farming lowers the investment of production. Abhinash has been using new and advanced technologies in chicken farming. According to him, use of advanced technologies can produce hygienic and quality products.

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