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Sabita Shrestha

Chepang students go to school barefoot in freezing cold

December 8, 2018 09:02 AM

CHITWAN, Dec 8: On November 26, the students of six community schools of Icchakamana Rural Municipality-2 gathered on the premises of Janapriya Secondary School (JSS) of Kalyantar. The students of Bhotegaun Basic School,  Bhulbhule Basic School, Saraswati Basic School, Baryang Basic School and Siddhakali Basic School and Janapriya itself gathered at the school to observe a program.

Injured conflict victim neglected by state

December 2, 2018 09:22 AM

CHITWAN, Dec 2: Bed Prasad Regmi, 56, cannot move around without crutches. His back aches and muscle cramps sometimes 'kill' him. He is unable to work and earn like other normal persons but his medical expenses are quite high. "The conflict ruined my life," he laments.

Two people killed in elephant attack

November 29, 2018 08:10 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 29: Elephant attack on Wednesday evening killed two persons in Madi Municipality-9 of Chitwan.

In lack of school nearby, Chepang kids dropping out of schools

November 29, 2018 06:00 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 29: What Nim Bahadur Budhathoki, principal of Bhotegaun Basic School loves most about his job is the contribution he is making in educating children belonging to the 'poorest' community in the district.

Rhino sightings common around Bharatpur

November 29, 2018 03:30 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 29: There are various community forests within Bharatpur Metropolitan City, which is adjoined to the Narayani River.

Patihani, a lesser known tourist destination with unmatched beauty

November 26, 2018 08:15 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 16: Patihani of Chitwan, one of the 100 new tourist destinations prioritized by the government for Visit Nepal 2020, is wearing a new look these days. The ongoing construction of tourism infrastructure at Patihani as well as Someshwar hill of Madi indicate that the government is not only talking about change but actually working to make it happen.

No more hassles along Naryanghat-Mugling road

November 24, 2018 09:15 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 24: Rajendra Tandukar of Kathmandu is quite familiar with Narayanghat-Mugling road section. He was just 24 when he started driving along this route. Now, he is 50. Initially, he drove a company’s vehicle. These days, he has been driving Kathmandu-Chitwan route everyday on his own vehicle which he purchased 12 years ago.

Tarai laborers ease labor shortage in Chitwan

November 18, 2018 09:20 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 18: Raman Mukhiya of Rautahat landed in Chitwan a month ago. He is going to stay a few more weeks and intends to return only after making ‘good money’. “This time of year is for earning money. I am working hard day and night,” said Mukhiya.

Poultry farmers stare at huge loss as chicken price falls

November 5, 2018 09:20 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 5: Madan Baral of Bharatpur Metropolitan City Ward 2 has nearly 1,200 market ready chickens in his farm.

Madi Municipality to build memorial park at Badarmudhe

November 3, 2018 04:10 AM

CHITWAN, Nov 3: Badarmudhe reminds of one of the cruelest incidents of the decade long Maoist insurgency in the country. Thirty eight innocent travelers lost their lives when a passenger bus was ambushed by the Maoists here on June 6, 2005, while dozens others were severely injured. The incident had drawn flak from all quarters. It remains as a ‘scar’ of the war till this day.

70 percent of guests at Sauraha hotels this season were Nepalese

October 27, 2018 10:04 AM

CHITWAN, Oct 27: This past week, Sauraha was busy serving crowds of domestic tourists more than in the previous years. In this festive season, most of the visitors to Sauraha have been domestic visitors, most of whom come for family trips. In the previous years, the number of domestic tourists used to rise only for New Year’s day celebrations according to the Bikram and Gregorian calendars.

Three killed, 23 injured in bus accident in Chitwan

October 19, 2018 11:21 AM

CHITWAN, Oct 19: Three persons died and 23 others were injured in a passenger bus accident in Chitwan on Friday.

Demand for clay-made idols increasing in Nepal

October 14, 2018 07:18 AM

CHITWAN, Oct 14: Nowadays Bhuwan Kumar Pandit, 25, is relaxed. This relaxation has come after working ‘non-stop’ during the last three months making clay idols of goddesses.

Coping up with Thalassemia

October 8, 2018 06:45 AM

CHITWAN, Oct 8:  Mahesh Chaudhari of Ratnanagar Municipality-8 was diagnosed with Thalassemia when he was just four-year old.

Neighbor pours acid on woman, inflicts stab wounds

September 26, 2018 06:00 AM

CHITWAN, Sept 26: A woman in Kawasoti Municipality-16 of Nawalparasi district sustained critical injuries after her neighbor poured acid on her and attacked her with a knife on Monday evening.

Madi homestays attracting tourists

September 23, 2018 03:15 AM

CHITWAN, Sept 23: Madi Valley is surrounded by Chitwan National Park on three sides and by Someshwar hill in south. As the valley’s settlements are in close proximity with the park’s wildlife, there have been many instances of human-wildlife conflicts. Of late, however, they valley is known not for such conflicts, but as one of the most beautiful destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.

The sorry state of Majhis and Musahars

September 16, 2018 09:57 AM

CHITWAN, Sept 16: A Majhi couple, Bhola and Chhangurai from Khairahani Municipality-10 on Friday spent hours trying to catch fish and ghonghi (snails) in Budhi Gandaki River. By evening, they were able to collect around a kilogram for their dinner. At home, there had some rice and pulse to cook.

Landslides block Narayanghat-Mugling road at several places

September 12, 2018 09:00 AM

CHITWAN, Sept 12: Laxmi Gupta, who was travelling to Kathmandu from Bara, has been stranded at Ramnagar of Baharatpur Metropolis in Chitwan since Monday night. It was due to traffic jam caused by landslides which have blocked the Narayanghat-Mugling road at several places.

Chitwan District Court acquits 12 defendants

September 10, 2018 04:00 AM

CHITWAN, Sept 10: Chitwan District Court on Sunday acquitted 12 people including Chhabi Lal Poudel, one of the main accused in the Maoist insurgency-era murder of Krishna Prasad Adhikari of Fujel, Gorkha.

Chepangs celebrate Nwagi

September 9, 2018 07:47 AM

CHITWAN, Sept 9: Raji Maya Chepang led a nomadic life when she was a child. Her family did not have a permanent house. She has vivid memories of moving from ‘one jungle to other with her parents, siblings and extended family members and that was considered a way of life. Along with that, she has lovely memories of celebrating Nwagi every year. Nwagi, in which the first of the year’s harvest is worshipped, became gradually popular with time, as the Chepangs turned semi-nomadic.