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Sabita Shrestha

First underground electricity line beset with problems

July 16, 2018 05:00 AM

CHITWAN, July 16: Madi Municipality in Chitwan, the only place in the country with underground electricity lines, has been facing electricity cut-offs for the last two weeks.

Only one way vehicular movement as bridge subsides

July 12, 2018 13:13 PM

CHITWAN, July 12: Khahare, also known as Bridge 1 at Narayangadh-Mugling road has subsided at Icchakamana rural municipality of Chitwan halting two way vehicular movement.

20 meters of Narayanghat- Mugling road subsides 1 foot

July 12, 2018 05:17 AM

CHITWAN, July 12: A 20 meters length of the newly-widened Narayanghat-Mugling road subsided about 1 foot near Gaighat on Tuesday evening. Traffic has been made one-way along the damaged section.

Rampur Agriculture Campus re-opens

July 8, 2018 04:30 AM

CHITWAN, July 8: Rampur Campus run by Tribhuvan University Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (TUIAAS) has been re-opened. The institute which started running the campus in 1972 stopped taking admissions after Agriculture and Forestry University (AFU) was established in Rampur.

Daily landslides plague travelers on Mugling-Narayanghat road

June 28, 2018 05:30 AM

CHITWAN, June 28: It has already been three years since the work to widen the Mugling-Narayanghat road started. In the process of widening the road, the hill sides along the stretch were slashed away. But the landslides have not stopped ever since and the situation gets worse during the monsoon.

Privately owned elephants freed from shackles

June 14, 2018 08:45 AM

CHITWAN, June 14: Everyone loves freedom. And elephants cannot be an exception to this instinct. This was apparent when four elephants that were chained for long where freed of the shackles by their owner on Wednesday here.

Madi municipality to merge schools for quality education

May 29, 2018 08:40 AM

CHITWAN, May 29: Disproportionate tea-cher-student ratio, lack of infrastructures and poor management committees are common problems of community schools in Madi. However, Madi Municipality is now set to change this. With an aim to ensure quality education in schools, the municipality office has decided to merge them.

Plating the authentic south

May 28, 2018 09:35 AM

Peprahar Community Home Stay started as a five house venture from ward no 17 of Devchuli Municipality in March 2016. At present, the hospitality enterprise comprises a total of 22 houses, out of which 15 belongs to the Tharu community.  The remaining seven belong to Magar, Thakuri, and Gurung communities. The maximum occupancy of each of these homes is four guests, and the entire Prepahar Village can comfortably accommodate 88 visitors at one time.

Mugling-Narayanghat contractors seek deadline extensions

May 23, 2018 09:45 AM

CHITWAN, May 23: Construction companies involved in the construction of Mugling-Narayanghat road have requested a fifth extension of work deadline.

Visitors pose challenge to airport security

May 14, 2018 02:02 AM

CHITWAN, May 14: Amid high flow of VIP and VVIPs, lack of security measures at Bharatpur Airport has been a matter of concern for its administration. According to the airport manager Pawan Kumar Gautam, the airport has not been facing difficulties in controling crowd during visit of such dignitaries.

Suppliers in Chitwan ‘cheat’ poultry farmers on weight

May 13, 2018 09:21 AM

CHITWAN, May 13: Farmers of Chitwan have found that they have been cheated by suppliers when selling chicken.

Incoming monsoon triggers fears of landslides, accidents

May 9, 2018 08:04 AM

CHITWAN, May 9: In the last 10 months 97 people lost life from 195 road accidents in Chitwan. Some of these accidents occurred along the Naryanghat–Munglin road- one of the busiest highways in the country.

People spending sleepless nights in their houses damaged by wild elephants

May 7, 2018 05:00 AM

CHITWAN, May 7: Septuagenarian Magara Darai and his wife Budhani had just gone to bed after dinner when they heard an unusual sound outside their house.

CNP captures 4 baby rhinos for gifting to China

May 4, 2018 04:30 AM

CHITWAN, May 4: Chitwan National Park has completed capturing all four rhinos that are to be gifted to the northern neighbor China. The park had already captured three one-horned rhinos. The fourth, a female rhino, was captured from the western area of the national park on Thursday at around 11:15 am.

Narayanghat-Mugling road likely to miss yet another deadline (with photos)

April 28, 2018 20:23 PM

CHITWAN, April 28: The upgradation work of Narayanghat-Mugling road section is unlikely to meet even the fourth deadline, according to the project's senior divisional engineer Govind Khanal.

Only 30 households in Chitwan receive third tranche of quake grant

April 27, 2018 03:00 AM

CHITWAN, April 27: So far, only 30 quake victim families in Chitwan district have received the third tranche of the reconstruction grant, indicating the slow progress in post-quake reconstruction.

Five tigers die in 10 months in Chitwan

April 23, 2018 06:20 AM

CHITWAN, April 23: With the death of one more female tiger on Sunday, a total of five tigers have died in Chitwan just in a short span of ten months of the current fiscal year.

Govt working to gift two rhino pairs to China

April 20, 2018 07:13 AM

CHITWAN, April 20: Chitwan National Park has begun the process to catch two pairs of rhinos to gift them to the northern neighbor China, informed Information Officer and Assistant Conservation Officer Noorendra Aryal of the park.

Traffic training for school students

April 12, 2018 08:09 AM

Three hundred and sixteen schools in Chitwan have received traffic education program initiated by District Traffic Police Office, Chitwan. With an aim to make the public aware about traffic rules and signs, the office began the program in Baishak 2074 BS.

Wildlife hospital of Sauraha in final stage of construction

April 12, 2018 03:30 AM

CHITWAN, April 12: After months of delay and procrastination, the construction of the first wildlife hospital of the country has reached the final stage.