Election results would be out in a week: CEC Yadav

Published On: May 17, 2017 06:14 PM NPT

KATHMANDU, May 17: Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Ayodhee Prasad Yadav has said that the results of the first-phase local level elections would be declared within a week. 

CEC Yadav said this while addressing the preliminary assessment of the first-phase local level election here today. The assessment was jointly organized by National Election Observation Committee (NEOC), General Election Observation Committee (GEOC) and Women's Alliance for Peace, Justice and Democracy. 

Stating that the Election Commission could not intervene in the counting of votes since the authority to fix the date and place for the vote counting has been assigned to the Returning Officers, the Chief Election Commissioner said the commission was however making the necessary arrangements regarding the human resources and the financial management required for the counting of votes. 

While recalling an instance in which he had to face intense pressure even one day before the election that the vote counting should be conducted a month after the election, CEC Dr. Yadav said, "All the results will be announced within a week and there is no reason to be anxious." 

He shared that the Election Commission has already managed the all the election materials required for the second-phase local-level election going to be held on June 14. 
Regarding the big size of the ballot paper used in the election, he said this was because of political reasons and explained that the paper was printed with the estimation of the number of candidates on the basis of the number of the political parties registered in the district. 

Former Chief Electiopn Commissioner and president of NEOC, Surya Prasad Shrestha said although the election was held in a peaceful atmosphere and enthusiastic participation of voters, the intelligence gathering regarding the possible incidents that could happen during and after the election in terms of security was seen to be weak. 

GEOC president Himalaya Shamsher Rana commented that the arrangements for vote counting were not efficient. He added that the voters and political parties were found supportive for making the election peaceful and encouraging. 

"At many polling stations, the polling booth was found very small and the large size of the ballot paper might have also confused the voters. However, the voting took place peacefully and in an enthusiastic manner," he said. 

Executive Director of Nepal Law Society and GEOC member-secretary Krishna Man Pradhan and NEOC general-secretary Gopal Shivakoti suggested to the Election Commission on the need of making the ballot paper voter-friendly in the upcoming elections and of arrangements for declaring election results promptly. 

Sankalpa Nepal's chairperson Ms Lili Thapa said there was enthusiastic participation of women in the first-phase local level election. 

The election observer organisations also suggested making special security arrangements for the election and addressing the lacuna seen in enforcing the election code of conduct. 

The election observer organisations reported on the occasion that the political parties and candidates were found luring the voters, and the social networking sites were undisciplined even during the election silence period. RSS 

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