Election code violation rampant in Rautahat

Published On: November 29, 2017 06:00 AM NPT By: Madan Thakur

RAUTAHAT, Nov 29: With the completion of the first phase of parliamentary and provincial assembly elections, candidates taking part in the second phase of the elections in Rautahat have speeded up their poll campaigns. In a bid to attract the voters, the parties are adopting provocative campaigns and promotional strategies which are considered unethical by the election law.

In recent days, the cases of violation of election law have been rampant in the district. The parties are widely using vehicles with loud speakers for campaigning. This has greatly affected the locals here. Almost all parties in Rautahat are found playing party songs and anthems through loudspeakers. They are also found repeating the recordings of the speeches which have not just annoyed the locals but have irritated them.

Despite being warned by the Election Commission (EC), candidates of major political parties have been found using more than 100 vehicles for their campaigns. Similarly, the parties have also involved young children in their rallies and mass gatherings which is strictly forbidden by EC. The posters, pamphlets and banners of the parties are commonly seen on the walls and in the streets. The loud noise made for campaigning has also disturbed the students. 
Though it is clearly evident that all parties are violating the election codes, no one has yet filed a complaint against any party at the District Election Office (DEO). Even the officers of DEO have turned a blind eye to such activities. Suman Kushwaha, an officer of the inspection committee deployed by DEO claimed that they have been strictly monitoring the activities of parties and candidates. He even assured that stern action will be taken against anyone breaching the election laws.
Locals have been urging the parties and candidates not to disturb their lives. However, none of them have filed written complaints so far. "We have not come across any big case of election code violation till now but will take necessary action if we find such cases," said Uddhav Bahadur Thapa, chief district officer.

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