Covid-19 vaccine benefits

Published On: January 10, 2021 02:20 PM NPT By: Sunita Sharma Koirala

We are in a Covid-19 crisis now. But we also have Covid-19 vaccines now. Almost two to three million health care professionals have been vaccinated already.

When I participated in the discussion launched by GPK Foundation America, I learned a lot many things about Covid-19 vaccines. During the meeting, I learned that two vaccines—Pfizer and Moderna—are being used in the US hospitals and both are being effective.

Every year 50,000 Americans are dying in the US just because of the flu infections but still they do not care. Similarly, majority of the people are thinking that Covid-19 is like flu and it will go away. In the US, people do not tend to wear masks, use hand sanitizers and even ignore the social distancing. As a result more than 3, 00,000 Americans have died.

Now new variant of Covid-19 has emerged in the UK and many other European countries. This variant seems to spread more quickly than earlier variant. This is why scientists have recommended flu vaccines which can give a better protection for diseases like pneumonia and can save us from other kinds of viruses too. Yet people don’t seem to care.

Some people think that asymptomatic patients are not at risk. Flu is around 50 years old. Covid-19 also existed 50 years ago but people did not take note of this fact. Now that it has affected people round the world, everyone seems to be worried.

 Covid-19 vaccines are being developed in many countries in the world. China, Russia, India have brought out their own vaccines. These vaccines will be available to everybody soon. In 2021, most people of the Asian and African American countries will be vaccinated and in 2022 all the population will be vaccinated. Mass production of vaccines will start and it will be available for less than a dollar for each shot.

There is a prediction that 70 to 80 percent of the people will benefit from the vaccines and that the disease won’t last after 2021. Scientists are trying to find the real cause of the disease and trying their best to help prevent these diseases and save the people.

Covid-19 has taught us a lesson that we must fight against the Covid-19. But though the vaccines are available, we still need to follow the safety protocols. Health care experts have said that pregnant women and heart patients also can access the medication. Only the patients with allergies need to be cautious before taking the Covid-19 vaccines.

Thus vaccines should be made available to all the people and people should not hesitate to get vaccinated to ensure that they are safe.

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