Construction of roads in their locality elates Chepangs

Published On: January 1, 2019 02:18 PM NPT

RATNANAGAR, Jan 1: The Chepang communities in the Kalika Municipality Ward No-11 in Chitwan are elated that their isolated locality is being connected to road network lately as the existing roads were being upgraded and the new tracks being opened. 

The Ward 11 has spent Lion’s share of its Rs10.1 million budget for the development of physical infrastructures, mainly roads. Ward Chair Krishna Bahadur Praja said that the development works were highly prioritized since the ward lagged behind in terms of development. 

The 8 kilometers trail stretching from Lalibang to Rante is being upgraded. The Ward 11 of the Municipality has 320 households, majority of them belonging to the Chepangs. 

The narrow trail has been developed into gravel roads measuring in 6-8 kilometers in length which would link the remote Chepang settlement in Ward no 11 with Korak and Siddi settlements. 

Similarly, around two kilometers of track is being opened from Krailing to Majawang at the estimated budget of three million rupees while another two kilometers of the track has been opened from Rantesh to Gamidung at Rs 2 million. 

Likewise, the ward had allocated Rs 2 million budget for opening 6-meter track in Jambaling road. Another four kilometers long road from Laliwang to Rante and a similar length of road from Saipamp to Baasghari was under construction. 

Chair Praja was of confidence that all road networks will be linked with metalled road network as his ward has prioritized road construction. 

Furthermore, he said that plans were in the offing that every road in his ward will be developed into motorable ones. He said, "We are opening tracks navigating through the mountains. The locals had borne a lot of brunt in lack of roads but they are very happy with the road connectivity." 

Local Man Bahadur Praja said that with the opening of the track and upgrading of the roads have hiked the prices of land here. He explained, "There's a competition to purchase land and run enterprises like resorts and hatcheries." 

As construction and upgrade of roads is gaining momentum, local leader Dinesh Praja said that now they wish to see the roads be ready enough for the ambulances to ply which, he said, would ensure immediate medical intervention to the locals here in their grave health situations. RSS


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