BHARATPUR, Dec 21: They have neither slippers on their feet nor warm clothes on their bodies in the shivering cold season. Children belonging to the Chepang community are studying at the National Primary School at Jinglau of Kalika Municipality-10 in Chitwan.

MUGLIN, Jan 16: A project has been rolled out to enhance socio-economic condition of Chepang community in Icchakamana rural municipality. Sauraha-based Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI) in collaboration with the rural municipality has initiated the implementation of the project with a slogan 'Every journey starts with a dream".

A sad reality (Photo Feature)

August 2, 2019 09:45 am

When we reached the village where the Chepangs lived, I saw houses supported by wooden logs and many of these had roofs barely covered with grass. Kids were barefoot and clad in torn and tattered clothes.

GORKHA, June 12: So far a total of 451 families in Gorkha district have got house of their own under the government’s Janata Awas Karyakram (People’s Housing Programme).

DHADING, April 11: Twenty-one-year-old Sanukaanchhi Chepang of Benighat, Rorang-1, Chimang is a mother of three. She has a son and two daughters at such a young age. As she eloped and married at the age of 13, her present days are spent rearing children and carrying household chores.

Chepangs get a community building

March 26, 2019 10:28 am

DHADING, March 26: Chepang women have built a community building recently been constructed in ward 10 of Benighat, Rorang Rural Municipality in southern Dhadhing.

DHADING, March 2: Chepangs in Goirang village of Dhading have never experienced how it feels like using electricity. Sometimes, they cannot even light their lamps when they have no oil in stock. A community school in one such village has received computers. Chepang kids have now seen computers, but have not learnt to use them.

DHADING, Feb 21: Seventy-one-year-old Thulimaya Praja (Chepang) was in cloud nine after acquiring her citizenship certificate in her twilight years. She was all smiles, exposing her wrinkles around her face.  She expressed her happiness by showing her citizenship to everyone around her.

CHITWAN, Feb 18:  Janjagriti Basic School (JBS) at the Bandarjhula settlement in Madi Municipality has 50 students. In the beginning of the academic year, there were 15 students from the Chepang community in the school but most of them have stopped coming to school after the Dashain festival.

Bikash says he is happy that he is alive and is struggling in his life where he adds, “Struggle in life makes you reach toward your goal and makes your life interesting. I am happy where I am today and I enjoy being a farmer and sharing my knowledge to the children.”

Chepang girls physically assaulted

January 21, 2019 14:19 pm

CHITWAN, Jan 21: A teenager from Chepang community was thrashed and attempted rape by two unidentified youths while another minor was harshly beaten at Kanda of Rapti Municipality-13 in Chitwan district on Sunday noon.

DHADING, Jan 9: In her entire life, Sunmaya Chepang of Benighat Rorang-10 could never know what it felt like wearing slippers. Nor could she ever buy the footwear for her nine children.

Jan 5: 6 things to know by 6 PM today

January 5, 2019 18:00 pm

Your daily dose of missed important news of the day.

CHITWAN, Jan 3: The Chepang people living on the hill adjacent to Sauraha are economically so poor that they spend the nights beside the hearth for want of enough bedding clothes to keep themselves warm during the winter.

CHITWAN, Jan 2:  Govinda Chepang of Madi Rural Municipality-9 often encountered wild animals on his way to school which is a three-hour walk from his home. He was forced to go to the same school as there were no secondary school nearby.

RATNANAGAR, Jan 1: The Chepang communities in the Kalika Municipality Ward No-11 in Chitwan are elated that their isolated locality is being connected to road network lately as the existing roads were being upgraded and the new tracks being opened.

DHADING, Dec 25: When asked what she wants to become in the future, Setimaya Chepang, 10, replies, “Teacher”, adding that she wants to be a teacher and educate small children like her.

CHITWAN, Dec 8: On November 26, the students of six community schools of Icchakamana Rural Municipality-2 gathered on the premises of Janapriya Secondary School (JSS) of Kalyantar. The students of Bhotegaun Basic School,  Bhulbhule Basic School, Saraswati Basic School, Baryang Basic School and Siddhakali Basic School and Janapriya itself gathered at the school to observe a program.

CHITWAN, Nov 29: What Nim Bahadur Budhathoki, principal of Bhotegaun Basic School loves most about his job is the contribution he is making in educating children belonging to the 'poorest' community in the district.

Chepangs celebrate Nwagi

September 9, 2018 07:47 am

CHITWAN, Sept 9: Raji Maya Chepang led a nomadic life when she was a child. Her family did not have a permanent house. She has vivid memories of moving from ‘one jungle to other with her parents, siblings and extended family members and that was considered a way of life. Along with that, she has lovely memories of celebrating Nwagi every year. Nwagi, in which the first of the year’s harvest is worshipped, became gradually popular with time, as the Chepangs turned semi-nomadic.

DHADING, May 3: Rita Chepang, 24, suffers from malnutrition. She came to know about it from a health professional when she visited a health center recently. A resident of Benighat, in Dhading, she was advised to take balanced diet and do physical exercise for improving health condition.

Food has always been a matter of constant struggle for the Chepangs. In the past, jungles were dense and their habitat was more resourceful. Over the years, food collection from the jungles has been a challenge due to haphazard urbanization.

DHADING, Jan 23: Every morning Sonisa Chepang has to walk for two hours to reach her school. Despite her toils, the pain she takes to reach her school does not ensure that she will have teachers to teach at the school. Most of the times, teachers remain absent at her school and sometimes she herself stays home.

DHADING, Nov 9: Election ambiance has increased in Dhading. Various political parties have intensified election campaigns, while people from various walks of life are found chit-chatting about the polls, especially about who wins this time.

DHADING, May 10: Fourteen candidates belonging to Chepang community are going to contest the local level elections slated for May 14 in Dhading district.

DADHING, March 23:  Chepang people have been badly hit by an acute shortage of water in the district.

CHITWAN, March 2: School-going children in a village inhabited by the Chepangs in Chitwan district are found to be spending their time in household chores or playing instead of studying, thanks to the devastating earthquake that destroyed the only school building of the village some 22 months ago.

CHITWAN, Jan 13: Eleven hours after delivering her baby, a twenty-two years old nursing mother Subimaya Chepang in the remote Kanda village in Chitwan died Thursday after excessive bleeding amid lack of medical intervention. According to the husband of the deceased, Mangal Bahadur Chepang, 24, though she was bleeding badly it 'was not easy to rush her to the health post as that would take three hours of walk up and down the hills.'

Centenarian Chepang no more

November 21, 2016 17:00 pm

LAMJUNG, Nov 21: A 106 – year – old member of the Chepang community passed away on Sunday.

CHITWAN, June 28: Chitwan District Court has sentenced notorious poacher Rajkumar Chepang to 15 years in jail for his involvement in poaching of endangered one-horned rhinos.

The person who changed the identity of this village is Bishnu Prasad Gautam. After losing both of his sons to road accident within nine months, Gautam looked for ways to console himself.