'Combination of IT and management skills makes BIM graduates preferred in market'

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The Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) course, which is a specially tailored program to develop socially responsible, scientifically sound, creative and result-oriented information technology professionals, is one of the most popular programs offered by Tribhuvan University. 

It is a 126-credit hour comprehensive course in semester system designed to meet the market demand in the field of integrated management and information system simultaneously.

The program equips students with the skills and attributes required to be effective and efficient IT professionals. The course provides extensive knowledge in the field of management and computing, which is the need of any business. 

“This is one of the most comprehensive courses that challenge the conventional management course as it blends with the information management system. It makes the graduates ready to develop applications, take appropriate decisions, and expand their business to compete with the existing and prospective rivals with the knowledge acquired during the course period,” said Rupendra Gopali, BIM program coordinator at Prime College. 

“It addresses the demand of the fast-changing IT and business environment by converging IT and management knowledge from various sources to prepare graduates in the digital era,” he added.
He said the core subjects offered by the course include computer programming, analysis and database management in computing, accounting, finance and management, statistics, economics, decision analysis, data mining, artificial intelligence for analytical methods. According to him, these subjects are very crucial in business and management. 

The graduates equipped with knowledge of information and management receive warm welcome any field where information systems and informatics plays a crucial role. 

Here are excerpts from some leading colleges that provide BIM course:

BIM produces efficient IT professionals with managerial skills

Rupendra Gopali 
BBA and BIM Coordinator, 
Prime College

Why do students prefer BIM? Why should students study it? 
In today's market, blend of Information Technology and management is an emerging concept. Many students desire to study various IT courses with management subjects and BIM provides the knowledge of information technology along with managerial insights. 

The program intends to equip students with the skills and attributes required to be an effective and efficient IT professional. The course provides extensive knowledge in the field of management and computing, which is the basic need of any business today. 

Studying BIM enables students to use IT and computational techniques to solve the real-world problem as well as enhance their managerial skills. 

How are you promoting BIM in the market? 
The main objective of the BIM program is to provide quality education and produce qualified, competent and skilled manpower to cater to the demand of the IT sector. Prime College had started BIM program from 2001 and has been able to successfully produce 14 batches of BIM graduates and the 15th batch is on the verge of completing their course. In all these years, our graduates have been able to fulfill the market needs in IT sector. 

Prime College provides an additional value-added course to enhance IT skills with the course like Python, Cisco, Mobile Programming. 

What type of job/ opportunities are there in the market for BIM graduates? 
Most BIM graduates work in the field of IT in various domains like programming, database, networking, web designing, graphic designing, animation and many more. As we all know there are limitless opportunities in the field of IT with the growth of information and 
communication, many of our students immediately get a jobs in the IT sector after their internship in the eighth semester. Along with IT, BIM graduates can also work in various managerial fields like 
banking, marketing, human resources among others. 

The BIM graduates can apply for the jobs without further courses for the posts of middle-level manager, officer, network administrator, system analyst, ICT consultant, system administrator, software developer to mention a few. 

Why do employers prefer BIM graduates? 
BIM course is well equipped with all needed IT and managerial skills. Immediately after their graduation, BIM graduates can cater to the market demand. Students also acquire needed managerial skills which help them in reporting, presentation, and case analysis. So, employers prefer BIM graduates as they are able to meet the market demand. 

What are some of the basic requirements to study BIM? 
As long as admission criteria is concerned, it requires a minimum D+ grade in each subject in grade 11 and 12 with aggregate CGPA of 1.8 or more (or minimum second division in 10+2, PCL or equivalent). In addition to it, the candidates applying for the BIM program should pass the Central Management Admission Test (CMAT) conducted by the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University. CMAT includes tests in verbal ability, quantitative ability, logical reasoning, and general awareness. 

CMAT consists of a hundred objective questions, 25 questions from each section and the student must score at least 40 in order to get shortlisted for admission to this course. The admission will be strictly based on merit. The merit list is prepared on the basis of 60% score of CMAT, 30% marks secured in plus-two or equivalent and 10% from the interview. 

What are the new/latest elements introduced in BIM? 
We at Prime College guide students to do a project every semester in various subjects like Computer Information System, Structured Programming, Web Technology, Database Management System, Java Programming, Software Engineering, and Management Information System. 

In the TU curriculum, BIM students also need to undertake the Summer Project in the sixth semester on IT domain and Internship Project in the eighth semester and prepare a report. This strengthens the IT knowledge and skills of the students. 

What types of new skills and knowledges do the students learn from BIM, which isn't possible in other subjects? 

As said earlier, BIM is a combination of information technology and management courses. Hence, unlike other courses, BIM offers students an opportunity to enhance their skills both in management and technology. This is definitely going to help them build a career in both the fields. 

For further studies, they can pursue higher education in IT or management. This is one of the distinct features of BIM program which provides the graduates an extra edge to compete in the dynamic market.

BIM products are result-oriented IT professionals

Bishal Shrestha
BIM, BSc and CSIT Program co-ordinator,
Shreeyantra College

Why do students prefer BIM? Why should they study it?
BIM is a combination of IT with management studies. So, BIM students have proper knowledge about IT together with management skills which helps them solve the organization's problems in an effective way.
This course develops socially responsible and result-oriented IT professionals.

How are you promoting BIM in the market?
We are using digital marketing through various platforms such as Facebook, radio, newspaper etc.
What type of job opportunities are there in the market for BIM graduates?
Our graduates are qualified as software developers, business consultants, network /database administrators, IT managers, entrepreneurs, and project managers.

Why do employers prefer BIM graduates?
Any company while hiring employees want multiple skills from a single person. As BIM graduates have both IT and managerial skills, the companies prefer BIM graduates more than other graduates because they can get both skills from a single person. 

What are some of the basic requirements to study BIM?
Students require minimum D+ grade in each subject in +2 or equivalent discipline recognized by TU. Students must also pass CMAT conducted by faculty of management (FOM) TU.

What type of new skills and knowledge do the students learn from BIM, which isn't possible in other courses?
As we already know that BIM graduates have both IT and managerial skills, we can be clear that no other graduates can have both the skills. It covers computing, analytical method and business foundations which students don't get in any other discipline. 
They can get knowledge in application theories and development, ideas, models, method to 
analyze and use information system.

BIM graduates are well-paid IT experts

Amit Kumar Gupta
Campus Chief and HoD,
Sunsari Technical College

Why do students prefer BIM? Why should students study this course?
BIM is more relevant and job-oriented program in the market that other courses.

How are you promoting BIM in the market?
We have been spreading information about this program, its scope, its future prospects and job demand in the market through media and various other platforms. 

What type of job/ opportunities are there in the market for BIM graduates?
The BIM graduates get job opportunities as IT (Information Technology) experts in E-banking sector, and in computer and cyber security as well. Some of the past graduates are currently holding well-paid jobs in multinational corporations in capacity of IT professionals. 

Some graduates are now experts developing various software and applications to analyze information in various organizations. 

What are some of the basic requirements to study BIM?
The basic requirements to study this program is minimum D+ grade in each subject in Grade 11 and 12 with CGPA of 1.8 or more.

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