Chhaupadi still prevalent in hilly districts

Published On: July 30, 2017 04:15 AM NPT By: Govinda KC

DAILEKH, July 29: The government's failure to implement the Supreme Court (SC) order against the Chhaupadi practice has given continuity to the social evil in Dailekh district where violence against women is highly prevalent. Incidents of women dying in cowsheds while practicing Chhaupadi are on the rise in the district due to the government's failure to implement the apex court's instruction to eradicate the practice.

The government issued a directive to eradicate Chhaupadi more than a decade ago. The directive has envisioned a committee coordinated by the representative of the District Coordination Committee. Similarly, according to the provision, the representative of the District Women Development Office is the member-secretary of the committee. However, even after a decade of the directive, the district-level committee to oversee the eradication of Chhaupadi is yet to be set up. 

The social malpractice is highly prevalent not only in Dailekh but also in other hilly districts of provinces 6 and 7. Many women have been losing their lives due to the practice, coupled with other forms of violence against women. The authorities have not been able to organize any program to minimize or eradicate the practice of Chhaupadi. 

Government officials say nothing can be done to implement the directive if the government fails to allocate budget for its implementation. Lack of awareness is said to be a major reason behind the thriving social evil of Chhaupadi which has forced 90 percent of the women in these hilly districts to live in cowsheds during their menstruation period. 

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