Candidates making last-ditch efforts to persuade swing voters

Published On: December 6, 2017 03:30 AM NPT By: Anil Bhandari

SINDHULI, Dec 6: The silent period for the parliamentary and provincial polls has begun from Monday midnight, barring political parties and candidates from conducting any kind of election-related activities. This period is allocated especially for voters to make their decision. However, poll candidates and leaders are found more active in their campaigns during this time.

Leaders have instead taken the silent period as an opportunity to convince their disgruntled cadres so that they won't have to lose any votes. Even though most of them had already completed their door-to-door visits, they have once again reached the doorsteps of locals to attract the swing voters. According to Binesh Kumar Shrestha, chairperson of Sindhuli Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the poll candidates have instead intensified their campaigns after the beginning of the silent period. "As per the election law, this is the time when candidates should stop their campaigns and allow the voters to make their decision," he said, adding,"But they won't stop and this is the usual practice in each election."

Candidates are making last-ditch efforts to tempt the swing voters. After the announcement of the silent period, candidates concluded their election campaigns in the city areas and have moved toward the remote areas for wooing rural voters. They are making sure that none of their rivals know about their secret campaign.  

In fact, these last two days are considered very important for the candidates. "This is the most important time for the candidates. If we can utilize this time for convincing more voters, we can surely secure our victory," said a cadre of the left alliance. According to him, some parties are providing booze, meat and money to the locals in order to buy their votes.

This is also an opportunity for the candidates to secure their votes. As the election is just a day away, voters living in different parts of the country have returned to their hometowns to cast their ballots.


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