CAN to announce working committee as AGM nears

Published On: March 19, 2018 07:54 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

KATHMANDU, March 19: The election committee of the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) has decided to form a working committee for a special general meeting under the direction of the International Cricket Council (ICC). 

On a meeting in the capital on Sunday, the Vice-president of CAN Diwakar Ghale informed Republica that the CAN board has authorized the President Chatur Bahadur Chand the responsibility to form a five-member working committee. According to Ghale, Chand will form a working committee after some days and the date for the special annual general meeting will be decided as well. 

ICC had instructed the elected committee to endorse the amended statute and to call upon a special annual general meeting on March. 

“ICC had directed us to form a special general meeting around March 20, but we have decided to postpone the meeting for some day with the discussions with the ICC. We needed some time to call upon a special general meeting,’’ Ghale said, “The date for the general meeting will be decided in some time after discussing with the ICC.’’ President Chand informed that they will decide the date of the meeting on Monday forming a five to seven members committee including General Secretary Ashoknath Pyakurel on Monday. 

“The work of the committee is to decide the date of the meeting and provide information publicly about that. We want to do that as soon as possible, but we want some assurance from the ICC in that regards,’’ Chand said, “The membership for the meeting as included in the statute sent by the ICC should be clear. We are of the opinion that all the general elections that are conducted at the district level in the laws of the statute should be approved and all the technical difficulties that might arise after the ICC amendment should be trusted in the AGM.’’ 

Chand added that any person willing to be the member of the meeting should have completed two full tenures in either district, regional and central committees according to the statute directed by the ICC. 

“We have clearly mentioned that anyone interested to become a member should have completed two full tenures in either district, regional or central committees because we faced problem with the committees which were formed and deformed in some months or years coming to the 20th year of the association. Only after the 2013 elections, it was made clear that they should complete full four-year tenure,’’ Chand added. 

According to the statute, even though the percentage of calling the representatives on the meeting is 51% of the total members, 2/3 of the total members are needed to amend the statute. 
“The total members for the meeting according to the statute of CAN is 90, but 21 more will represent in the committee from provinces which has not been made yet. ICC has also directed us to not keep seven members from the National Sports Council (NSC) as the members and two districts haven’t been formed yet which means only 54 representatives will be present in the meeting for now. But, we need 60 members to pass the statute, so we are in continuous contact with the ICC to settle on this subject,’’ Chand said, “We are not in a situation to be nervous about the dateline of March 20. The ICC is also of the opinion that all the technical aspects for the meeting should be dealt first for a permanent solution rather than rushing it.’’

Chand, who is also the representative of the advisory committee made by the ICC, said that they are very eager to solve the dispute in Nepali cricket. 

“But, some people don’t like the faces of people who are in the committee, so they want to create a barrier to stop us,’’ Chand said, “So, we have decided to make the system of full tenure regarding the membership. Some people are trying to blame us for not working to settle the dispute after creating a barrier to not let us work properly.’’ 


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