Campaigns ranging from carrying water in jerry cans to building fire lines to be launched to control Pathivara forest fire

Published On: January 3, 2021 12:00 PM NPT By: Khagendra Adhikari

TAPLEJUNG, Jan 3: In order to bring the forest fire in the Pathivara area under control, all possible alternative campaigns will be launched, including carrying water in jerry cans and setting fire control lines.

Chief District Officer Jharendra Prasad Chapagain informed Republica that preparations are being made to launch such campaigns considering that the fire is still raging in the inner part of the forest although the immediate risk has reduced. “The risk has been minimized but it has not been brought under control,” said Chapagain. He said that preparations were being made to carry out a campaign to carry water in jerry cans through security manpower as the fire was still raging in the inner part of the forest.

He also said that the security personnel have speculated that the fire can be controlled by pouring water in the area where the smoke is coming from. The water will be supplied from the nearby water source. He said that the risk was low but the fire was not under control yet so security personnel are being used to minimize the risk.

According to Chapagain, the security team in collaboration with the staff and locals of the Pathivara area is continuing its efforts to control the forest fire. He said that the security team was ready to use all other alternative measures to control the fire. Earlier, attempts were made to bring water in buckets by helicopter and pour it in the burning area to prevent further risk from the forest fire in the Pathivara area.

Chapagain who is also the coordinator of the District Disaster Management Committee, after observing the situation of the forest fire, had decided to adopt all measures to control the fire in the area.

According to District Police Chief DSP Mahendra Kumar Shrestha, 25 Nepal Army personnel, 24 Nepal Police personnel, 11 Armed Police Force personnel, 35-40 people including locals and associates of Pathivara Area Development Committee, Pathivara Devi Temple Area Protection and Promotion Committee have been mobilized to douse the fire.

The team plans to build fire lines to prevent fires from spreading to other places and to take all possible measures, including the use of water to control subtle fires. “From today, all alternative measures will be taken to prevent the fire from spreading elsewhere and to control the fire in a microscopic manner,” said DSP Shrestha.

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