TAPLEJUNG, Jan 3: In order to bring the forest fire in the Pathivara area under control, all possible alternative campaigns will be launched, including carrying water in jerry cans and setting fire control lines.

TAPLEJUNG, Dec 30: The red pandas, already an endangered species, have faced new threat after its grazing land and habitat turned into ashes due to the fire that broke out in and around the forest area of Pathivara, posing a serious threat to the existence of the endangered mammals.

PHUNGLING, Dec 29: The forest fire that started in the Pathivara area in Taplejung district has entered the Kanchanjunga Conservation Area (KCA). The fire is continuous for more than five days.

With an aim to search for new trekking route and promote tourism in Province 1, a team of tourism entrepreneurs has headed for a seven-day trek in the hills of eastern districts. The team of 53 trekkers under the aegis of Taplejung Sarokar Kendra Kathmandu has left Dharan for Terathum on Tuesday.