Bill designed to manage three levels

Published On: July 17, 2019 08:30 PM NPT By: RSS

KATHMANDU, July 17: Deliberations on the Bill designed to manage the inter-relations between the local, state and federal levels have begun in the National Assembly Legislation Management Committee from today.

On the occasion, Committee Chair Parashuram Meghi Gurung said that it was imperative to generate discussion on the interrelations among the three tiers as stipulated in the constitution. Deliberation on the same would be held in the state level too.

 Nepal Law Commission Chair Madhav Poudel spoke of the need to establish a foundation for coordination among the three levels since the dispute among them were more political in nature. Article 232 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal stipulates that the interrelations among the local, provincial and federal units would be based on the principle of co-existence, coordination and collaboration.

Likewise, according to Article 2, the federal government can provide necessary directions in line with the Constitution and federal laws on issues of national importance and wherein coordination is in needed between the states. And the state cabinet shall abide such directive.

The bill has been introduced so as to make necessary laws to ensure cooperation and coexistence in concurrent power-sharing among the federal, state and local levels with the aim to strengthen the democratic-republican governance system. Next deliberations on the bill are scheduled for tomorrow. 


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