KATHMANDU, March 22: The government has introduced the concept of digital currency for the first time, paving the way for its legal recognition.

KATHMANDU, March 12: A draft bill designed to manage IT and cyber security has underlined the use of innovative technology. It has stated that artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and the internet of things (IoT) should be used in a transparent, accountable, safe, and respectful manner.

KATHMANDU, March 3: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal held discussions separately with CPN-UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba today in connection with finalizing the transitional justice-related bill.

KATHMANDU, Feb 28: Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dhanraj Gurung told lawmakers on Tuesday that a bill to amend some laws relating to the Prevention of Money Laundering and Business Environment promotion has been presented in the parliament for checking illicit transactions.

KARNALI, Jan 20: A discussion on the draft of the Karnali Province Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Bill was held in Birendranagar, Surkhet on Friday.

LALITPUR,  Jan 12: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said that preparations were afoot to present the Bill on Films in the upcoming session of parliament.

KATHMANDU, Dec 24: The discussions on the Bill to amend some Nepal Acts have been postponed. The Law, Justice, and Human Rights Committee of parliament was scheduled to discuss the bill today.

KATHMANDU, Dec 22: Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has prepared a draft of the bill for the regulation and management of social sites.

BIRATNAGAR, Nov 26: Chief Minister of Koshi Province, Kedar Karki, has said that the budget substitution bill tabled before the Koshi Province Assembly is focused on public welfare.

SURKHET, Oct 10: The second session of the Karnali Province Assembly has been prorogued. During this session, the assembly unanimously passed two bills: the Karnali Province Academy Bill and the Province Civil Service Employees Bill.

KATHMANDU, Oct 6: An additional Rs 35 billion will be needed to fulfill the obligations set forth in the agreement between the government and the Teachers' Federation. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology has conducted an assessment indicating that should the government's School Education Bill be amended and passed by the federal parliament in accordance with the agreement, an additional budget of over Rs 35 billion will be needed to accommodate these changes.

KATHMANDU, Oct 4: Concerns are growing among stakeholders over the proposed School Education Bill 2080, which they believe could lead to the politicization of the National Examination Board (NEB). Experts argue that the government's move to introduce this bill without consulting teachers is a cause for alarm.

KATHMANDU, Sept 29: Four parliamentary committees are meeting at the same time today. It is said that the meeting of the Finance Committee will start shortly.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has made it clear that it will take action in response to school closures linked to teachers' protests.

KATHMANDU, Sept 19: Lawmakers have recently introduced amendments to Acts not included in the Bill 2080, which aims to amend some Nepal Acts, raising concerns among legal experts and the parliamentary community. Notably, Act 2075, focusing on the remuneration of the General Secretary of the Federal Parliament, the Secretary of the House of Representatives, and the Secretary of the National Assembly, was not mentioned in the Bill to amend some Nepal Acts.

KATHMANDU, Sept 15: Speaker of the House of Representatives Devraj Ghimire informed the House about a vacant seat created following the demise by Subash Chandra Nembang. The information was shared in the HoR session on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Sept 6: A parliamentary sub-committee has been formed to reach agreement on the bill related to the Prevention of Money Laundering and Promotion of Business Environment. The Law, Justice and Human Rights Committee has formed an 11-member sub-committee with the responsibility of submitting a report after discussing the bill. The sub-committee has been given 15 days to do so.

KATHMANDU, Aug 6: The National Association of Rural Municipalities in Nepal (NARMIN) has expressed dissatisfaction over some provisions of the Education Bill going to be tabled in parliament by the government.

KATHMANDU, July 28: The bill to amend and unify the laws related to elections has been opposed by the political circles, arguing it is against the essence and spirit of the Constitution.

KATHMANDU, July 18: The Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) has expressed its objections to an amendment bill proposed in the federal parliament that aims to withdraw criminal cases of serious nature that are currently pending in various courts.

KATHMANDU, July 14: Rabi Lamichhane, president of Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), has warned that the parliament  will be obstructed if the bill to curb loan sharking is not introduced in the next meeting.

KATHMANDU, July 2: In today's meeting of the House of Representatives (HoR), the Secretary of the HoR, Padam Prasad Pandey, tabled the Bill, 2080 BS to amend some Nepal Acts related to the Civil Code, which originated in the National Assembly and was received with a message.

KATHMANDU, July 1: The Government of Nepal has taken proactive measures by registering a bill in the parliament to lay the foundation for private companies engaged in operating business through electronic means. With the absence of a robust legal system, conducting business through electronic means has been a challenging task until now.

KATHMANDU, June 7: The government has decided to take forward the electricity trading bill to parliament for final approval.

KATHMANDU May 10: Transparency International (TI) Nepal has drawn parliament’s attention regarding the amendment bill related to the corruption prevention and Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) that is currently under consideration in parliament..

KATHMANDU, April 19: Civil servants have protested against the Civil Service Bill.

KATHMANDU, August 26: Legal professionals have alleged that attempts have been made to bring the bill related to transitional justice to deny justice.

KATHMANDU, August 3: President Bidya Devi Bhandari on Wednesday authenticated a bill designed to make provision for the Madan Bhandari Science and Technology University.

KATHMANDU, July 26: In today's meeting of the House of Representatives, the Yogmaya Ayurveda University Bill 2079, which originated in the National Assembly, was passed.

KATHMANDU, July 21: Thirty-nine various human rights organizations have called for rectifying the 'lapses' in the Bill for the Amendment of the Investigation of Enforced Disappeared Persons, Truth and Reconciliation Commission Act, 2071 (2014) that the Government of Nepal registered in parliament on 15 July 2022.

JANAKPURDHAM, July 10: A meeting of the Madhesh Province Assembly has unanimously passed a bill related to the implementation and mobilization of tax and non-tax revenue.

KATHMANDU, Nov 24: The COVID-19 Crisis Management bill has been pending in parliament for about a month now. Since the COVID-19 Crisis Management Ordinance became inactive on September 15, there is no law regarding COVID-19.

KATHMANDU, March 3: A private bill was registered at parliament on Monday proposing legalizing the farming, processing, trade and export of marijuana in the country.  Former law minister Sher Bahadur Tamang registered the bill at the parliament secretariat proposing to “legalize the farming of marijuana for commercial use keeping in view its economic benefits for the country.”

KATHMANDU, Jan 6: A bill, which is on the verge of endorsement by the lower house of parliament, may pave the way for the government to shut down social media sites at any time and under any pretext, according to experts.

KATHMANDU, Nov 9: The government is pushing a bill paving the way for the provinces to take responsibility for the management of various prisons.

NA passes three bills unanimously

September 18, 2019 19:27 pm

KATHMANDU, Sept 18: The meeting of the National Assembly (NA) on Wednesday unanimously passed three bills- 'Safeguards, Anti-dumping and Countervailing Bill-2075, 'Industrial Enterprises Bill-2075' and 'Economic Procedure and Financial Accountability Bill-2075'.

KATHMANDU, Sept 2: The Ministry of Youth and Sports has tabled a new bill in Parliament seeking action against athletes and their accomplices involved in match-fixing.

KATHMANDU, Aug 29: The proposal seeking deliberation on two bills passed unanimously

BIRATNAGAR, Aug 27: Province 1 assembly meeting on Tuesday unanimously passed a bill relating to the formation and operation of Province level public service commission-2076.

KATHMANDU, Aug 25: The National Assembly (NA) meeting on Sunday unanimously approved the proposal seeking deliberation on Police Adjustment and Nepal Police and (State Police, Operation, Monitoring and Coordination) 2076 bills.

KATHMANDU, Aug 16: The State Affairs Committee of the parliament has proposed including iris data of citizens in the biometric information in the national identity card although the government has already distributed such cards to nearly 117,000 citizens.

Aug 14: 6 things to know by 6 PM today

August 14, 2019 18:00 pm

Your daily dose of missed important news of the day.

HoR endorses Administrative Court Bill

August 14, 2019 06:30 am

KATHMANDU, Aug 14: Paving the way for conducting hearings on cases related to the transfer, promotion and dismissal of civil servants by the federal and provincial bodies, the House of Representatives endorsed the Administrative Court Bill on Tuesday.

Administrative court bill endorsed

August 13, 2019 18:45 pm

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: The House of Representatives unanimously passed the Administrative Court Bill-2076.

KATHMANDU, August 6: A bill on Madan Bhandari Science and Technology University was tabled in the meeting of House of Representative today. Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel

KATHMANDU, July 27: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barsha Man Pun has reiterated that the government will not introduce any bill in the parliament without consulting concerned stakeholders.

KATHMANDU, July 17: Deliberations on the Bill designed to manage the inter-relations between the local, state and federal levels have begun in the National Assembly Legislation Management Committee from today.

WASHINGTON, July 13: The U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a bill on Friday to renew funding for victims of the Sept. 11 attacks in 2001.

Kill Bill

June 21, 2019 08:26 am

The battle may be won but the war is far from over – not only the struggle for preserving culture, tradition and a certain way of life but also for freedom of expression, justice and rule of law, which are all under threat.

KATHMANDU, June 20: During the zero hour of today's meeting of House of Representatives, Bharat Kumar Shah of the Nepali Congress demanded the government to withdraw bills related to media council, security council, information technology and human rights, brought against sentiments of the constitution.