Deepraj Sanyal

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Report shows 48 VDCs in mountains and high hills highly food insecure

Published On: June 25, 2017 02:30 AM NPT By: Deepraj Sanyal

KATHMANDU, June 24: As many as 48 erstwhile Village Development Committees (VDCs) of six mountainous and high-hill districts in the country are at high risk in terms of food security.

Martyrs Day: Remembering martyrs when martyrdom itself stands belittled

Published On: January 28, 2017 02:00 PM NPT By: Deepraj Sanyal

The 16th of the Nepali month of Magh is commemorated as the Martyrs Day every year. It is a day when the nation pays tributes to the brave sons and daughters who gave their life for the greater cause of the country and the people. This is also an occasion to relive the sacrifices made by the martyrs for the values and principles which they dearly cherished, and also the moment to reflect how much we have contributed to upholding these values.

COMMENTARY: Holding elections crucial for constitution implementation

Published On: November 26, 2016 01:36 PM NPT By: Deepraj Sanyal

KATHMANDU, Nov 26: The current political scenario in the country is highly polarized.

Yet another pall of political uncertainty as parties spar on local body restructuring

Published On: August 13, 2016 02:00 PM NPT By: Deepraj Sanyal

KATHMANDU, Aug 13: The restructuring of the local bodies has become a new bone of contention among the political parties of late. Many people had hoped the country would get a political outlet with the Madhes-centric parties participating in the Legislature-Parliament in the election of the new Prime Minister after a gap of nine months. It was expected to pave the way for initiation of dialogue among the parties for amending the constitution and ultimately to its implementation.

All out against high rise and big structures in Kathmandu

Published On: July 20, 2016 05:12 PM NPT By: Deepraj Sanyal

Kathmandu, July 20: The Gorkha Earthquake of 25 April 2015 should have taught all of us a lesson regarding how we should build our structures. As is said, it is not the earthquake that kills but the infrastructures that we have constructed that do.