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Published On: July 26, 2019 11:15 AM NPT By: Rakshya Khadka

So many eateries and just as many food choices! But sometimes too many options can be puzzling and difficult to work through. So it definitely helps narrowing down your picks. For those who have visited Triangle Lounge and Bar, the restaurant would definitely be among the select few that they would visit again and it really isn’t difficult to see why. It’s where good food meets good ambience and there’s something else that, you can’t pinpoint, just feels right about this place. 

On the right from the main road that leads into the ever buzzing streets of Thamel is Triangle Lounge and Bar. On the street that leads to the restaurant is a wooden sign that marks the entry to the eatery. The restaurant opens up with an outdoor patio. Thematically the arrangement is all dark – dark chairs and matching tables with barely a pop of color but it works with the ultra modern theme that they have going on at Triangle Lounge and Bar.

Cousins Prabesh Manandhar, Pranab Manandhar, Prajwol Sayami, Ashim Manandhar, Anish Manandhar, and Kiran Manandhar collectively own the eatery. The sextet grew up very close and wished to start a shared business of sorts among themselves. Since they already owned a property in Thamel, they couldn’t think of a better idea than opening a restaurant.

“When we began, we wanted to serve momos and coffee but one thing led to another so we ended up with a multi-cuisine restaurant,” says Ashim. Together the cousins conceptualized the restaurant and worked on the interiors themselves. The idea then was to have a separate sports bar, a coffee shop, and a lounge and bar on each floor of the building. To reflect this multifaceted aspect of the restaurant, it was named Triangle Lounge and Bar.

In little over a year since its operation, Triangle Lounge and Bar is still in its experimental phase and that is evident by the decor. While the outside is done in all dark shades, the inside is a different story altogether. Paper lamps, a few scattered paintings, large sofas, there’s a pop of color just about everywhere. One lounge, in particular, is furnished with an antique radio transistor and a vintage typewriter. But the space itself is furnished in the likings of a typical modern decor room. 
Ashim explains that for decor they have experimented with just about everything by now – from wall art to hanging plants to revamping the entire space. He confesses that they still haven’t found the right fit and that the décor is ever evolving and constantly changing because of it. 

Currently, Triangle operates a bar and lounge on the ground floor of the building. The sports bar and coffee shop are still under works but Ashim insists that they will start before the year ends. The outdoor area consists of a bar, a stage for live music (on Fridays and Saturdays) and a seating area. The indoor space consists of two lounges, an area for casual dining and a brightly lit section with large sofas.

The menu itself is quite diverse and a mix of cross continental flavors. Ashim loves to tell anyone who asks that they hit a jackpot when they were searching for a chef. Chef Anil Kumar Magar specializes in European flavors and the menu is reflective of this. 

If you’re looking for a quiet place for lunch or dinner, we would definitely recommend the Triangle Lounge and Bar. Somehow the hustle and bustle of Thamel doesn’t quite reach the restaurant. You can enjoy your meal and company here in absolute peace.

Apple Martini
Price: Rs 400

Could there be a better way to start a meal than with some martini? This particular martini leaned on the sweeter side but you could still taste the lemon in the drink. A little tip for extra fun – take a bite of the apple slices with a mouthful of the drink. 

Chicken Socrates
Price: Rs 650

Imagine this, a nice and round slice of sausage encircled by a layer of chicken breast and wrapped in crispy bacon. That is Chicken Socrates for you. Dressed in cocktail sauce that adds a thick, creamy texture to the meat, there’s a slight crisp in the first bite. Along with the meat come sticks of deep fried cottage cheese. The skin of the cheese is nice and thin and great to pair with the cocktail sauce. The chicken breast could have been a little juicier but we aren’t complaining. 

Brownie Sandwich
Price: Rs 450

You can never go wrong with brownies and ice cream. When brought together, they are pure magic for anyone with a sweet tooth. Brownie sandwich is really two large slabs of brownie sandwiching some ice cream. The brownie is gooey and rich, the ice cream melts pretty quick but, even with the runny puddle of ice cream, the flavors are unaffected. To add to all the prettiness of this dish is a dollop of ice cream in a piece of sugar cage.

Grilled Fish
Price: Rs 425

Where the Chicken Socrates lacked in terms of juiciness, the grilled fish more than made up for it. The marinated basa fish fillet oozes with moisture as you cut into it making for a velvety bite. The fish comes with lemon and butter sauce that lends a heavier and savory flavor to the dish. Served with an assortment of grilled vegetables and on a bed of mashed potatoes, you cannot go wrong with the grilled fish here.

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