Ropeway helps boost economy of remote hill villages

Published On: September 15, 2016 12:00 AM NPT By: Mukti Prasad Nyaupane

PALPA, Sept 15: Ropeway that connects Masyam-4, Charchare, Koldanda-8, and Khamauri of Palpa district has brought a huge change in the area by fueling economic activities and easing transportation woes. 

Each day, farmers and locals use the ropeway to transport thousands of kilograms of goods and commodities.

Dhan Bahadur Ale, a local, said that they had to carry heavy loads on uphill trails for 3-4 hours before the ropeway was established.

“As there are no other forms of transportation, the ropeway has eased our problems to a large extent,” Ale added.

Agricultural products such as gingers, cauliflowers, cabbages, lemons, among others, are grown in large quantities in the villages connected by the ropeway. 

“The ropeway allows us to transport goods in just two minutes which otherwise took at least three hours,” said Man Bahadur Darmali, a local of Koldanda. Agricultural goods are carried down from the villages and goods of daily necessities are sent up, he informed.

“The ropeway directly benefits as many as 156 households in Koldanda's ward numbers 8 and 9," said Koldanda VDC secretary Yuwaraj Pandey. 

He said that products of villages are getting good market due to ease in transportation.
However, locals had hoped for a means of transportation that carried more than just goods. While the ropeway ferries goods, the locals still have to walk the same old route for hours to reach the marketplace. 

They said the service should be upgraded to transport people.

The ropeway, with a total length of 980 meters, was brought into operation in 2012 with a budget of Rs 1.76 million. 

The Department of Local Infrastructure Development on Agricultural Roads and Suspension Bridge Division had contributed budget for the construction of the ropeway.

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