India-bound migrants to get free accident insurance scheme

Published On: November 28, 2018 11:49 AM NPT

BAITADI, 28: The Patan Municipality in Baitadi has decided to offer accident insurance service for free to the migrant workers going to India. This is the first of its kind targeting the India bound migrants though the migrant workers going to Gulf countries and other destinations were insured. 

Mayor of the municipality, Keshav Bahadur Chand, said that preparations are ongoing for the accident insurance scheme to reduce the risks of accidents that might occur in course of jobs. 

In the first phase, 100 people going to India from the municipality would be targeted in the insurance scheme. The family members of three cooperatives’ shareholders would be insured under this scheme. 

Patan Municipality and Rural Development and Environment Management Society have co-worked with Udayadev Cooperatives, Siddheshwor Cooperatives and Mahalaxmi Women’s Cooperatives to implement the scheme. The shareholders’ family members of these three cooperatives would be insured if they have gone to India as the migrant workers, Executive Director of Society Govinda Raj Joshi said. Generally, a large number of people from the district migrate to India to earn wages. 

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