BAITADI, Nov 8: The CPN-UML has successfully concluded its local level convention in Baitadi district under the party’s 10th General Convention.

BAITADI, Nov 7: The Baitadi district chapter of the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) party has expressed objection over a fake Facebook id that was created in their name. The party has accused the fake id maker of trying to defame the party’s Vice President Chatur Bahadur Chand of the district.

BAITADI, Oct 27: The recent floods and landslides caused by unseasonal rain have damaged over 50 drinking water projects in Baitadi district. The damage to the drinking water systems has raised further problems for the local residents of the district.

BAITADI, Oct 4: Mahesh Luhar, 27, of Khalipata in Dilasani Rural Municipality-5 died after being struck by lightning in Baitadi on Monday evening.

BAITADI, Oct 4: Scrub typhus cases are found increasing in Baitadi district. Among the patients coming to the District Hospital, Baitadi, scrub typhus infection is found in one or two patients daily, the hospital's Information Officer Harish Panta said.

Infant mortality rate rises in Baitadi

October 1, 2021 12:23 pm

BAITADI, Oct 1: Infant mortality rate is increasing in Baitadi district. According to the District Health Office, 48 newborns died in Baitadi in the last fiscal year. According to chief of the office, Yogesh Prasad Bhat, the number of infant deaths has increased from 42 in fiscal year 2019/20 to 48 in the last fiscal year.

Scrub typhus cases increasing in Baitadi

September 15, 2021 11:49 am

BAITADI, Sept 15: The risk of scrub typhus has increased in recent days in the district. The risk of the disease has increased after scrub typhus infection was found in people coming to the hospital and health facilities seeking treatment.

BAITADI, August 15: Schools have started to resume in municipalities of Baitadi district as the number of cases of COVID-19 infection in some local areas has reached zero. Schools of Melauli Municipality in the district have resumed their classes since July 25 while schools in Shivanath Rural Municipality have announced to reopen from August 18.

BAITADI, August 13: As many as 18,063 people in Baitadi have received vaccines against COVID-19 infection

BAITADI, July 11: A family in Dogdakedar Rural Municipality-1 in Baitadi has been displaced after a landslide and flood in the region left seven houses at the risk of getting swept away. According to Madan Joshi, a landslide which passed over his house, leaving it severely damaged, has left him and his family with no choice but to leave their home.

BAITADI, June 28: The Melalui Municipality of Baitadi has decided to increase the allowance being provided to single men and orphans living within the municipality.

Landslide blocks Mahakali Highway

June 25, 2021 15:58 pm

BAITADAI, June 25: The Mahakali Highway has been blocked due to a landslide. The road has been blocked by the landslide that occurred at Dharamghar of Surnaya Rural Municipality-3 along the Satbanjha-Gokuleshwar section of the highway.

BAITADI, June 10: The Red Cross Society in Baitadi district has distributed face masks to 72 prisoners, 20 security personnels and 8 staff members serving in the district jail.

BAITADI, May 5: A teacher has died after getting infected by the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Baitadi. According to Yogendra Prasad Batta, chief of the health office of Baitadi, the 44-years old teacher died of the disease at 9:40AM on Wednesday.

BAITADI, May 2: The local administration in Baitadi district has enforced prohibitory orders in the district effective from Monday.

BAITADI, March 13: The construction of 141 drinking water schemes has started at the local level in Baitadi district with the aim of supplying clean drinking water to the people. The projects are being built with an estimated investment of over Rs 220 million in the current fiscal year 2020/21.

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: The final rites of late Bhagarathi Bhatta, who was murdered after rape, are being performed today.

KATHMANDU, Feb 17: Police have arrested a youth allegedly involved in the rape and murder of a teenager Bhagarathi Bhatta in Baitadi district.

BAITADI, Feb 14: Police have claimed that the rape and murder of 17-year-old Bhagrathi Bhatta of Chadepani in Dogadakedar Rural Municipality-7, Baitadi was committed by someone familiar with her.

BAITADI, Feb 9: Police have not been able to identify those involved in raping and killing Bhagrathi Bhatta, 17, of Chadepani of Dogadakedar Rural Municipality. The investigation is underway but the police have not found any reliable clues to reach the perpetrators. As the investigation continues with no lead, locals are worried that the culprits may escape.

*A postmortem conducted at the District Hospital of Baitadi on Saturday indicated that it could be a case of rape and subsequent murder

BAITADI, Dec 24: A person was killed and three others injured in a jeep accident at Sunarya Rural Municipality-7, Alugaira in Baitadi Thursday morning.

BAITADI, Dec 15: The district administration here has decided to take stringent action against those involved in black marketeering and defrauding consumers. Even legal cases will be filed on the basis of severity of the fraud- violation of the Food Act and Regulations.

KATHMANDU, Nov 29: Police on Sunday arrested six individuals including a ward chairperson on the charge of settling a rape case for one tola (11.56 grams) at Sigas Rural Municipality in Baitadi district.

BAITADI, Nov 24: At least five people died and six others sustained injuries when a jeep met an accident at Budda of Dashrath Chand Municipality-8 along the Gothalapani – Jhulaghat road section on Tuesday.

BAITADI, Nov 13: Four of the nine passengers who died in a tragic bus accident Thursday night at Khodpe of Patan Municipality-9 in Baitadi district have been identified.

BAITADI, Nov 13: At least nine people died and 34 people were injured when a passenger bus met with an accident at Khodpe of Patan Municipality-8 in Baitadi district along the Dashrath Chand Highway around 10:30 PM on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: Three airports in Sudur Pashchim Province will resume operation from tomorrow.

BAITADI, Sept 24: SOS Children's Village has rescued six helpless sisters from Dashrath Chand Municipality-10, in Baitadi. The sisters between the ages of five to 15 years old had been living helplessly without parents for the last two years.

Girl killed in leopard attack

March 10, 2020 13:21 pm

BAITADI, March 10: A nine-year-old girl was killed in a leopard attack at Melauli municipality-9 in Baitadi district this morning.

BAITADI, March 5: A meeting of the district-level coordination committee of Nepal-India held Wednesday in Baitadi district ended with a seven-point agreement on issues of the bilateral interests.

BAITADI, March 2: Health check is being conducted at the help desk established for coronavirus test at Jhulaghat border.

'Help Desk' set up to prevent COVID-19

February 23, 2020 14:05 pm

Baitadi, Feb 23 (RSS): A 'help desk' has been established at Jhulaghat of Baitadi for coronavirus test in order to prevent possible infection of coronavirus on the people returning Nepal via the border point. Jhulaghat is at Nepal-India border point.

BAITADI, Feb 10: An ambulance provided by the Sudur Paschim provincial government has been found used in smuggling wildlife.

BAITADI, Jan 27: The District Administration Office, Baitadi has said there is no chhaugoth in the district. Chhaugoth is a makeshift hut where menstruating women and new mothers are made to stay.

BAITADI, Jan 22: An unidentified group has set ablaze the contact office of Dilashaini rural municipality in Baitadi. The administrative section of the contact office based in rural municipality-3, Pansera was set on fire at 3.00 am on Wednesday.

BAITADI, Jan 2: High-hilly areas of Baitadi district have witnessed snowfall from Wednesday night. Snowfall has taken place at different places including Khodpe, Shreebhawar, Dholyamod and Sigasdhura in the district.

BAITADI, Nov 18: Nepal-India border point at Jhulaghat in Baitadi district will be sealed from November 22 to 25 in view of Legislative Assembly elections to be held in India.

Think beyond roads

October 24, 2019 02:00 am

In an egregious case of ‘dozer terror’ in Baitadi, the District Police Office has arrested the driver of the excavator for ramming the excavator bucket at the local people. The video of this cruel bulldozing, in which some locals are seen protesting and the driver rams the excavator at them mercilessly, went viral in social media, earning condemnation from Kathmandu and beyond.  As many as eight persons were injured, one of them seriously, in this act of crime. Meanwhile, the president of the local User’s Committee and two other persons have been arrested for investigation. According to Republica report, the locals were protesting against road construction because the land on which excavator was rammed on belonged to Guthi. In the video, the locals are also seen pelting stones at the excavator driver, who, enraged at this, aims the excavator bucket at the protestors randomly.  Whatever the dispute between the locals and the User’s Committee, attacking people with the excavator is a crime and those guilty of the incident must be brought to book, without any ifs and buts.  But broadly, the incident of Baitadi is emblematic of what is fundamentally wrong with our notion of development at local sphere.

BAITADI, Oct 23: After a video of an excavator haphazardly attacking the residents of Dasharath Chand Municipality went viral on social media, the District Police Office, Baitadi, arrested the driver of the earthmover for further investigation.

BAITADI, Oct 22: Eight people were injured, two of them seriously, when the bulldozer driver attacked them with the bucket of the vehicle in course of a dispute regarding the construction of the road.

BAITADI, Oct 2: Its been 25 days since a group of Baitadi folks at Jhulaghat bordering point in Baitadi district have been staging a relay hunger strike demanding a cemented bride over in the bordering point with India but their voices continue to be unheeded.

BAITADI, Sept 8: The state had outlawed the Haliya system, a system in which an agricultural bonded laborer works on another person’s land, 11 years ago. The Federation of Freed Haliya and the government had signed a five point-agreement on September, 5 of 2008 which was supposed to show a roadmap to enable the freed laborers a dignified life ahead. For many Haliyas in the district, this has not been the case.

BAITADI, Aug 17: A safety plan has been introduced targeting 56 community schools in the Dashrath municipality, Baitadi.

BAITADI, June 28: Patan municipality of Baitadi district has installed CCTV cameras in the bazaar area in a bid to control criminal activities.

Pine forests of Baitadi not fine

June 27, 2019 15:10 pm

BAITADI, June 27: The pine forests in Baitadi district are facing destruction due to the reckless collection of resin. The risk of forest fire has also increased due to this. A majority of the 357 community forests in the district are pine forests.

BAITADI, June 25: With the change in weather, the number of patients visiting the District Hospital in Baitadi has increased.

BAITADI, June 20: Spokesperson at Purchaudi municipality in the district, Gautam Prasad Bhatta, died after suffering serious injury in a motorcycle accident this morning. Also the chairman of ward no 4, Bhatta breathed his last during the treatment early morning.

Nepali citizen murdered in India

June 8, 2019 14:12 pm

BAITADI, June 8: A Nepali citizen has been murdered in India. The deceased has been identified as Lokendra Chand, 48, of Tallosworad of Baitadi district, according to Police Inspector at the District Police Office, Baitadi, Deepak Patali.

BAITADI, May 21: All six local governments in Baitadi are determined to come up with strategic plans aimed at ending child marriage in the district.