BAITADI, Oct 2: Its been 25 days since a group of Baitadi folks at Jhulaghat bordering point in Baitadi district have been staging a relay hunger strike demanding a cemented bride over in the bordering point with India but their voices continue to be unheeded.

BAITADI, Sept 8: The state had outlawed the Haliya system, a system in which an agricultural bonded laborer works on another person’s land, 11 years ago. The Federation of Freed Haliya and the government had signed a five point-agreement on September, 5 of 2008 which was supposed to show a roadmap to enable the freed laborers a dignified life ahead. For many Haliyas in the district, this has not been the case.

BAITADI, Aug 17: A safety plan has been introduced targeting 56 community schools in the Dashrath municipality, Baitadi.

BAITADI, June 28: Patan municipality of Baitadi district has installed CCTV cameras in the bazaar area in a bid to control criminal activities.

Pine forests of Baitadi not fine

June 27, 2019 15:10 pm

BAITADI, June 27: The pine forests in Baitadi district are facing destruction due to the reckless collection of resin. The risk of forest fire has also increased due to this. A majority of the 357 community forests in the district are pine forests.

BAITADI, June 25: With the change in weather, the number of patients visiting the District Hospital in Baitadi has increased.

BAITADI, June 20: Spokesperson at Purchaudi municipality in the district, Gautam Prasad Bhatta, died after suffering serious injury in a motorcycle accident this morning. Also the chairman of ward no 4, Bhatta breathed his last during the treatment early morning.

Nepali citizen murdered in India

June 8, 2019 14:12 pm

BAITADI, June 8: A Nepali citizen has been murdered in India. The deceased has been identified as Lokendra Chand, 48, of Tallosworad of Baitadi district, according to Police Inspector at the District Police Office, Baitadi, Deepak Patali.

BAITADI, May 21: All six local governments in Baitadi are determined to come up with strategic plans aimed at ending child marriage in the district.

DHADING/ BAITADI, May 20: A total of 12 people were killed in two different accidents that occurred in Dhading and Baitadi districts on Sunday.

BAITADI, May 5: The local government in Baitadi is pouring most of its budget into infrastructure development, or road construction more precisely. All 10 local level governments in Baitadi are engrossed with the idea of “view-able development”, and are hence in unplanned road construction throughout the district.

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BAITADI, April 23: With a change in weather, patients’ flow has increased in several health facilities in Baitadi, according to health workers.

BAITADI, March 3: Five local levels in the district have launched mobile apps to ease the day to day activities and build informed citizenry.

Jhulaghat bridge remains an unmet promise

February 16, 2019 10:53 am

BAITADI, Feb 16: The locals of Jhulagaht of Baitadi district have sent a memorandum to the prime minister to immediately build a motorable bridge over the Mahakali River.

BAITADI, Feb 14: Baitadi folks have handed over a memo to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, drawing the government's attention to build a bridge at Jhluaghat that is long overdue.

Writ against Mayor acquitted

February 4, 2019 13:13 pm

BAITADI, Feb 4: The Mahendranagar bench of High Court Dipalyal on Sunday acquitted a writ petition filed against Dasharathchand Municipality Mayor Narendra Singh Thapa.

BAITADI, Jan 24: Power supply has been obstructed in Baitadi district for the past four days due to wind, rain and snowfall.

DHANGADHI, Jan 23: Mountain districts of western Nepal experienced heavy snowfall on Tuesday. The snowfall which started since Monday night affected all the northern districts of Sudurpaschim Province, bringing down the temperature drastically.

BAITADI, Dec 30: In the recent past years, eye treatment centers at Gothalapani and Patan based in the district headquarters of Baitadi have been facing an increasing flow of eye patients.

BAITADI, 28: The Patan Municipality in Baitadi has decided to offer accident insurance service for free to the migrant workers going to India. This is the first of its kind targeting the India bound migrants though the migrant workers going to Gulf countries and other destinations were insured.

BAITADI, Nov 20: Maternal and infant mortality rate has decreased in Baitadi district after 127 maternity service centres of remote areas in the district started providing safe maternity service.

BAITADI, Nov 14: A teenage boy died while three others sustained serious injuries after they fell off a cliff at Dudai in the district on Tuesday night.

BAITADI Oct 20: At least 77 women and children have gone missing from Baitadi in the last two years, according to the record of District Police Office Baitadi.

BAITADI, Oct 4: Almost all health care centers in Baitadi district have witnessed a shortage of medicines due to delayed process in the drug procurement. The officials of the health centers that are handed over to the local governments said that there is a shortage of drug in their stores.

19 injured in Baitadi vehicular collision

September 10, 2018 19:15 pm

BAITADI, Sept 10: As many as 19 people were injured in vehicular collision that took place at Bagabagar of Dilasaini rural municipality-6 on Monday.

Baitadi at high risk of malaria

August 28, 2018 12:28 pm

BAITADI, Aug 28: Baitadi district is at high risk of malaria infection these days. The district has been recording the increasing number of malaria patients in the last three years, according to the Public Health Office, Baitadi's Health Assistant, Santosh Pandey.

BAITADI, July 24: Monsoon-induced floods have wreaked havoc in the Simar village, leaving as many as 22 families at risk in the district.

BAITADI, July 6: Health institutions in the district are dealing with high pressure of patients with various waterborne diseases.

BAITADI, June 29: A person was killed and three sustained injuries when a tractor fell some 60 meters off the road. The tractor en route to Mallasaini from Dogadakedar rural municipality met with an accident on Thursday evening at around 7 PM.

BAITADI, June 5: A 4.9 Richter scale earthquake struck Baitadi at 7:19 AM today morning. Technical assistant, Tirtha Dahal of seismological center at Surkhet, the earthquake’s epicenter was at a jungle bordering Bajura and Humla in the eastern side.

A miraculous survive at Baitadi

May 27, 2018 09:30 am

BAITADI, May 27: An ambulance carrying a patient and his caretakers from Dhangadi to Darchula veered off 1000 meters from the road but miraculously caused minor injuries to everyone on board.

BAITADI, May 7: A total of 14 people were injured when a bus (Na 5 Kha 4116) en route to Mahendranagar from Ganna of Baitadi met with an accident at Anarkholi along Dasharath highway in Baitadi district this morning.

BAITADI, April 22: Twenty-six people have committed suicide in the first nine months of the current fiscal in Baitadi, a district in the Province 7, police data shows. The data showing the increasing trend of suicide has drawn the attention of people concerned.

BAITADI, April 8: Devanand Pandeya of Jarga village in Dashrath Chand Rural Municipality-4 carries his agricultural products to Gothala Pani Market in a bamboo basket (doko) every day. But he cannot fix the price of his produce; he has to sell at whatever price local traders determine. These traders then sell the produce to consumers by adding higher profit margin.

BAITADI, April 3: Different types of service have been affected in lack of employees at local-level even after nine months of local-level election.

Chand in NC Baitadi Vice-President

February 9, 2018 09:18 am

BAITADI, Feb 9: Chatur Bahadur Chand has been nominated as the Vice-President of Nepali Congress Baitadi.

11 injured in road mishap in Baitadi

January 24, 2018 15:17 pm

BAITADI, Jan 24: A total of 11 people were injured in a road accident a Seude along Satbanjh-Patan road section in Baitadi district this afternoon.

BAITADI, Jan 24: Obstetrical services remain closed since a year at the Talladehi health post located at Purchaundi Municipality-9 in the district due to shortage of water.

BAITADI, Dec 15: HIV positive children in Baitadi have been left high and dry as they are deprived of basic needs like education, health facilities and nutrition.

KATHMANDU, Dec 8: Candidates of Left Alliance have outweighed democratic alliance candidates in both House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections at Baitadi.

BAITADI Nov 22: Violation of the election code of conduct is found increasing in the district with the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections drawing closer. The elections are taking place in Baitadi district in the first phase on November 26.

BAITADI, Nov 16:  Candidates of various political parties have put in a lot of efforts to form new and impressive agendas for the upcoming polls, but the demands of the voters in Baitadi has remained the same.

BAITADI, Nov 15:  Candidates of various political parties have put in a lot of efforts to form new and impressive agendas for the upcoming polls, but the demands of the voters in Baitadi has remained the same.  Although time has changed and even the candidates are different now, the locals are dogged by the same old problems. During the elections, leaders and politicians often make larger than life dreams which they can hardly deliver. As a result, voters have to repeat the same demands time and again.

AITADI, Nov 10: There used to be a well functioning concrete irrigation canal in Syaltadai village until a decade ago. But a massive landslide took toll on it while it displaced over 50 households in the locality. Since then, the locals have always voiced for a new canal time and again.

BAITADI, Nov 10:  As the excitement for the upcoming parliamentary and provincial polls reaches fever pitch, an interesting electoral contest is expected between the CPN-UML and Nepali Congress (NC)-led alliances in Baitadi district.

Many in Baitadi refuse to turn in arms

November 6, 2017 07:10 am

BAITADI, Nov 6: The members of the general public in Baitadi district have shown disinclination to the appeal of the District Administration Office to turn in the legal firearms with them in view of the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections taking place in the district on November 26.

BAITADI, Nov 5: The members of the general public in Baitadi district have shown disinclination to the appeal of the District Administration Office to turn in the legal firearms with them in view of the House of Representatives and State Assembly elections taking place in the district on November 26.

BAITADI, Oct 8: Over a dozen of patients reach Melauli health post everyday for check up. At the health post, they are not only supposed to get free treatment but also free medicine. However, neither they ask for it, nor do the officials offer it as the health post lacks medicine. The hospital has been operating for a long time without even common drugs.

Mild earthquake jolts Baitadi

September 28, 2017 11:08 am

BAITADI, Sept 28: A moderate earthquake, measuring 3.8 on the Richter scale struck Baitadi district on Wednesday night.