Two found dead in Baitadi

November 15, 2023 10:00 am

BAITADI, Nov 15: Two people were found dead in Baitadi on Tuesday.

BAITADI, Oct 24: Two people died in separate incidents in Baitadi district.

Earthquake jolts Sudurpaschim

October 16, 2023 11:04 am

BAITADI, Oct 16:  Earthquake tremors were felt in the hill districts of Sudurpaschim Province including Baitadi this morning.

BAITADI, July 24: Two members of the same family (mother and son) died when a landslide buried their home in Baitadi district on Monday morning.

BAITADI, July 21: Five members of a family have taken ill after consuming wild mushrooms at Surnaya rural municipality-3 in Baitadi district.

BAITADI, May 8: Construction of Satbanjh-Sribhawar-Hat road of Baitadi has gained momentum.

BAITADI, May 3: CCTV cameras have been installed along the Nepal-India border in Baitadi district. A total of 18 CCTV cameras have been installed in the bordering areas including Jhulaghat, Gadhi, Gothalapani, Sahilek and Dehimandau, said Raj Bahadur Bista, information officer for Dasharathchanda Municipality.

BAITADI, April 16: A youth from Kalagaon in Dogdakedar rural municipality-8 has been found murdered.

Three girls missing from Baitadi

April 4, 2023 12:08 pm

KATHMANDU April 4: Three girls from Baitadi have gone missing. Two girls from Melauli Municipality and one from Patan Municipality of the district have gone missing.

BAITADI, March 17: Two earthquakes struck Baitadi within a span of a minute on Thursday evening. The quakes measuring 3.2 and 3.5 on the Richter scale took place at 6:25PM and at 6:26PM, respectively.

BAITADI, Nov 21: The identities of four people, who were killed in a jeep accident in Baitadi, have been established.

BAITADI, Nov 21: Four policemen were killed in an accident while returning to their office after delivering ballot boxes to Patan in Baitadi district.

BAITADI, Oct 11: Irrespective of the advocacy for women participation in politics and state mechanisms, there is no candidacy of woman for the November 20 election to the House of Representatives in Baitadi district. The Office of the Chief Returning Officer shared this information.

Baitadi, September 15: Air service in Baitadi, a hilly district of Sudurpaschim Province, remains closed for a long time.

BAITADI, Sept 14: The number of dengue and scrub typhus patients has been rising in Baitadi district in recent periods. Scrub typhus has been diagnosed in 140 people while dengue in 13 persons since July 17 till September 13, the District Hospital, Baitadi, said.

BAITADI, August 19: Baitadi Police has started a cannabis eradication campaign. Chief of District Police Office, Baitadi, DSP Prem Bahadur Shahi said that they have started to destroy weed plants that have naturally grown in various places and in some places planted by the locals.

BAITADI, August 17: As many as 38,000 children aged between 5 to 12 years  are being inoculated with Pfizer vaccines against COVID-19 in Baitadi.

BAITADI, July 31: A total of 189 people have gone missing from Baitadi which shares borders with India.

BAITADI, July 26: Sharad Singh Negi, the ward president of Baitadi's Melauli Municipality-1, has been sent to jail on the charge of rape. A single bench of District Court Judge Tilak Bahadur Karki ordered him to be remanded in custody.

BAITADI, July 11: The rainfall coupled with storms has damaged the maize crop in various parts of Baitadi district.

BAITADI, July 9: Details have been collected for the national identity card at the Central Prison in Baitadi District Jail.

BAITADI, July 7: The heavy rainfall and storm have severely damaged maize crops in various places in Baitadi district.

BAITADI, July 6: The Jhulaghat checkpoint at Baitadi, which shares a border with India, has been closed till Wednesday evening. The checkpoint has been closed from 6 PM Tuesday to 7 PM on Wednesday to carry out the maintenance work of the suspension bridge at Jhulaghat.

BAITADI, June 26- There have been seven cases of sexual abuse and harassment against women and girls in Baitadi district in the span of six months. According to the bi-annual report released by the Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC), seven rape cases, which include three against minor and four against women, were reported in the period this year.

One dies from Kala-azar in Baitadi

June 23, 2022 14:25 pm

BAITADI, June 23: The kala-azar (black fever) infection has been seen in different areas of the district. According to the health office, eight people have been infected with kala-azar.

BAITIDI, June 20: In Baitadi, the electricity service will be stopped for four days. According to Pawan Bhatta, Chief of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) office Baitadi, the electricity service will be halted from June 20 to June 24. The electricity supply will be disrupted because the repair work of a substation will begin.

Textbooks yet to reach Baitadi

June 18, 2022 16:57 pm

BAITADI, June 18: The textbooks that the government provides to public school students for free are yet to reach Baitadi district.

KATHMANDU, June 11: It has been revealed that people in Baitadi are receiving old-age allowance by tampering with their dates of birth mentioned in their citizenship certificates. As many as 14 people have been found to be receiving old age allowance by forging government documents in this fashion. They will be arrested and fined.

BAITADI, May 7: The local administration of Baitadi district has banned sale and distribution of liquor in the district from May 9 till the end of upcoming local polls. An all-party meeting convened by Chief District Officer Rajendra Dev Pandey on Friday banned the sale and distribution of liquor in the district.

BAITADI, Feb 19: The air service, which was suspended for a month and a half, has resumed in Baitadi. The Dhangadhi-Baitadi-Dhangadhi flight was closed on December 31.

BAITADI, Feb 4: Security personnel including Nepali Army have resumed the traffic along the Dasharath Chand Highway obstructed earlier due to snowfall.

Air service in Baitadi closed for month

February 3, 2022 13:00 pm

BAITADI, Feb 3: The air service is closed for a month in Baitadi. Although the Baitadi-Dhangadhi flight started on December 31, it remains suspended since then. Summit Air operated the weekly flight on each Friday.

BAITADI, Jan 27: A bus (Na 7 Kha 2570) carrying 32 passengers along the Patan-Pancheshwar road section met with an accident at Melalui Municipality-2 Rautgaun, at around 6 AM on Thursday.

BAITADI, Jan 25: One person was killed while three others were injured in a wild boar attack in Baitadi on Monday evening.

BAITADI, Jan 9: Two panels have registered their candidacies for the leadership of Baitadi District Committee of the CPN-UML at the 8th District Convention of the party currently underway across the country.

BAITADI, Jan 7: The province is at high risk of infection with the Omicron variant with growing numbers of Nepalis returning from Delhi and States such as Karnataka and Gujarat in India having higher infection with the same variant.

BAITADI, Dec 27: A feasibility study of iron mines in Malladehi and Ketila of Southeast Puchowrdi Municipality in Baitadi district.  The study is being conducted by the Department of Mines and Geology. Until a few years ago, local residents used to extract iron from the mine.

Two injured in bear attack

December 12, 2021 10:15 am

BAITADI, Dec 12: Two people have been seriously injured after being attacked by a wild bear in Baitadi district. The injured have been identified as Mahesh Ram Bhull, 32, and Kamala Chand, 40, of Pancheshwar Rural Municipality-5.

Jeep crash kills four in Baitadi

December 7, 2021 07:45 am

BAITADI, Dec 7: Four people have been killed while six have been injured in a jeep accident in Baitadi on Monday evening.

BAITADI, Nov 8: The CPN-UML has successfully concluded its local level convention in Baitadi district under the party’s 10th General Convention.

BAITADI, Nov 7: The Baitadi district chapter of the ruling Nepali Congress (NC) party has expressed objection over a fake Facebook id that was created in their name. The party has accused the fake id maker of trying to defame the party’s Vice President Chatur Bahadur Chand of the district.

BAITADI, Oct 27: The recent floods and landslides caused by unseasonal rain have damaged over 50 drinking water projects in Baitadi district. The damage to the drinking water systems has raised further problems for the local residents of the district.

BAITADI, Oct 4: Mahesh Luhar, 27, of Khalipata in Dilasani Rural Municipality-5 died after being struck by lightning in Baitadi on Monday evening.

BAITADI, Oct 4: Scrub typhus cases are found increasing in Baitadi district. Among the patients coming to the District Hospital, Baitadi, scrub typhus infection is found in one or two patients daily, the hospital's Information Officer Harish Panta said.

Infant mortality rate rises in Baitadi

October 1, 2021 12:23 pm

BAITADI, Oct 1: Infant mortality rate is increasing in Baitadi district. According to the District Health Office, 48 newborns died in Baitadi in the last fiscal year. According to chief of the office, Yogesh Prasad Bhat, the number of infant deaths has increased from 42 in fiscal year 2019/20 to 48 in the last fiscal year.

Scrub typhus cases increasing in Baitadi

September 15, 2021 11:49 am

BAITADI, Sept 15: The risk of scrub typhus has increased in recent days in the district. The risk of the disease has increased after scrub typhus infection was found in people coming to the hospital and health facilities seeking treatment.

BAITADI, August 15: Schools have started to resume in municipalities of Baitadi district as the number of cases of COVID-19 infection in some local areas has reached zero. Schools of Melauli Municipality in the district have resumed their classes since July 25 while schools in Shivanath Rural Municipality have announced to reopen from August 18.

BAITADI, August 13: As many as 18,063 people in Baitadi have received vaccines against COVID-19 infection

BAITADI, July 11: A family in Dogdakedar Rural Municipality-1 in Baitadi has been displaced after a landslide and flood in the region left seven houses at the risk of getting swept away. According to Madan Joshi, a landslide which passed over his house, leaving it severely damaged, has left him and his family with no choice but to leave their home.

BAITADI, June 28: The Melalui Municipality of Baitadi has decided to increase the allowance being provided to single men and orphans living within the municipality.