I'll do everything to spare Sushmita Samjhana's fate: Mother

Published On: September 26, 2018 06:30 AM NPT By: DIYA DHAKAL

KATHMANDU, Sept 26: After rigorous treatment at Kritipur Hospital for 13 days, doctors have said 16-year-old Sushmita Das, one of the two victims of the acid attack at Chandrapur Municipality-6, Rautahat, is out of danger.

The doctors have given the green signal to discharge her from hospital. Her sister, 18-year-old Samjhana Das, succumbed to her injuries on Sunday after suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS).

The mother Dhanmaya Moktan Das, who was working in Malaysia, rushed to Kathmandu after being informed of her daughters' condition. She is looking after her surviving daughter at the hospital bed. “I couldn't save my oldest child but I will do everything possible to make sure Sushmita doesn't suffer the same fate,” said Dhanmaya with a heavy heart. The girl's father and stepmother left for Rautahat to cremate Samjhana.

Dr Surendra Basnet, plastic surgeon at Kirtipur Hospital, confirmed that Shusmita is out of danger. Reports from the hospital show that 5 percent of her body has sustained burns . Skin has been grafted onto the burn areas.

Dhanmaya claimed that Ram Babu Paswan is the sole culprit behind the attack and that he attacked with the sole intention of killing her daughters. She informed that her ex-husband (Samjhana's father) Jadav Lal Das had found traces of acid in Paswan's slippers which were slightly damaged, most probably by acid traces. Additionally, she said that when police traced back phone calls, Paswan's phone somehow “disappeared”, arousing suspicious of Paswan's intentions. A review of Sushmita's call records showed that Paswan called her a total of nine times on the day of the incident. Dhanmaya believes Paswan resorted to using acid after Sushmita refused to respond to his calls.

“Paswan must endure the same pain that he caused my daughters. There is no alternative to hanging him ,” an agitated Moktan said in fury, demanding maximum penalty. Samjhana, whose burn injuries covered 35 percent of the body, died an extremely painful death with spreading infections and multiple organ malfunction.

Dr Basnet said she soon developed a urine output problem, mental disorientation, blood pressure rise and pulse rate increase. Systematic spread of bacteria and respiratory failure ultimately lead to her demise.

Despite doctors' green signal for Samjhana's discharge, Dhanmaya wants to wait a few more days for the required medical attention. Her own employment situation in Malaysia is now uncertain.

According to Basnet, the surgery and bed charges for Samjhana were waived as was 50 percent of pharmaceutical expenses. Doctors even donated money for her . “The idea is to provide the same kind of support for Sushmita,” he said.

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