5 things about Sipora Gurung

Published On: March 6, 2017 10:11 AM NPT By: Prasansha Rimal

Sipora Gurung is a national volleyball player and actress. She was the top 5 finalist of Miss Nepal 2013. At 11, young and energetic Sipora got attention of her school coach and later started competing in national and international tournaments. At 13, she became the youngest player to compete in the 10th South Asian games held in Sri Lanka. Sipora has also played the role of a main character in the movie Yamphawati The Princess which will be released soon in theaters.

In conversation with Republica’s Prasansha Rimal, she shares five things many may not know about her.

Sipora is a big fan of hand written notes. She says she rather be given a small card with a hand written special message than be given an expensive gift. Hand written notes make her feel special and loved. She likes to receive hand written notes and also likes to give hand written notes to her loved ones.

Sipora is a big time foodie. She enjoys good food and prefers to eat Nepali cuisine rather than trying international flavors. But this foodie dislikes sea food. Although Sipora loves to eat, she follows strict diet routine. If by any chance she consumes extra calories in a day she makes sure to burn that off next day by running an extra mile.

Despite being an extrovert, Sipora prefers to stay indoors and lie in her bed or couch all day long. She vividly has the memory of a time when she didn’t go out of her house for a month. She likes nothing more than to be able to do nothing, go through her phone or read a book and stay at home for weeks. 

Sipora has been able to fulfill dreams of a normal teenager at a very young age; she says she still has a long bucket list. She follows her favorite bloggers on social media and makes the list of places they have checked into. She makes this list on her diary and the next time she visits the same place her favorite blogger has been to, she makes sure to visit those places and checks them off her bucket list.

Sipora doesn’t like the bustle and bustle of the city and since Kathmandu has turned into Dustmandu, she longs to return to her home town Pokhara. She likes to get close to nature and loves the smell of forest. So whenever she feels suffocated due to the noise and pollution of the city, she packs her backs and leaves for an unexpected journey to her hometown.

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