5 things about Rishma Gurung

Published On: September 5, 2016 09:35 AM NPT By: Smriti Dhungana  | @aesmriti

KATHMANDU, Sept 4 : Nepali actress Rishma Gurung is busy with the promotions of her upcoming release ‘Jhumkee’. Gurung, who started her acting career with Gurung language films, made her Nepali film debut with ‘Kabaddi’.

Her role as Maiya in ‘Kabbadi’ was highly appreciated and since ‘Kabaddi’, she has become one of the most sought after actresses in Nepali cinema. 

Her new film ‘Jhumkee’ centers on Kamalari tradition that prevails in the Tharu community. 

She likes dancing a lot
In my school days, I used to dance in many cultural programs. At home, whenever the music was turned, I found myself dancing. I like dancing with my friends during festivals and special occasions. But in my films, I rarely get any chance to dance. Maybe that’s because my roles don’t demand any dance moves.  

She talks without a filter
I just can’t keep my thoughts to myself. So people take me as a blabbermouth because I speak without a filter. I may have offended many people with this habit of mine. In the beginning, I used to be a quiet person, and people called me too self-centered, now they joke that I’ve grown into a wicked person. My indiscreet way of talking to people has landed me in trouble multiple times. 

She wants to continue her higher studies
I’m in the first year of my MBA and want to seriously pursue my higher studies. With film promotions and foreign tours, there’s so much going on with my life and I’m really struggling to keep up my attendance at college. 

She speaks Tharu language 
I was acquainted with the Tharu culture and language when I was researching for my role in ‘Jhumkee’. Along with Nepali, English and Gurung languages, I can also speak Tharu language. Learning this new ethnic language was very challenging. 

She’s a very emotional person
I have played strong and outspoken characters in my films but in real life I’m still an emotional person. My close friends are familiar with this side of me. I’ve been criticized a lot by my family members to not be so emotional all the time. I’m trying to slowly become less emotional. 

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