Local body goes hi-tech in Siraha

Published On: May 20, 2018 07:41 AM NPT By: Mithilesh Yadav

SIRAHA, May 20: Dhangadimai Municipality of Siraha has developed a smartphone application to improve public service delivery and good governance. The app has been introduced to enhance people's access to the development works carried out by the municipality. 

The locals can also file complaints about the municipality's works through the app if they are dissatisfied. 

According to the Mayor of Dhangadimadi Municipality, Hari Narayan Chaudhary, the app was developed to improve the locals' access to information about various topics including notices, services and activities run by the municipality. 

“Users can download the application on their smartphones. People can gain access to information about to the municipality's plans, budget, list of employees, decisions, notices, services, tax and fees on their phones through the app,” Mayor Chaudhary added. 

The municipality's services were made tech-friendly as per the government policy to promote open government program. 

Dhangadimai Municipality is the first municipality in the district to start a mobile app. Introduction of such an app has helped minimize the problem of compulsion to go to the municipality office to get information about the municipality's works. A local Ram Kumar Mahato said that this problem has been addressed well by the introduction of the app. The municipality has also improved its website. The website includes the municipality's profile, budget, projects, services, notices, maps and so on. 

Updates on the entire services and plans of the wards under the municipality have been uploaded on the website. According to social activist Sunil Kumar Shah, the app has helped promote transparency of the municipality. 

“This is a positive step taken by the municipality. Locals (users) should be able to make the optimum use of the app,” said Shah, adding, “It is important to make the municipality's services reach the locals. The use of technology has helped in this process.”

“Even though we face various problems to maintain this service, it has helped us a lot,” Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dhangadimai Municpality Ram Hari Sharma said,.“Tech-friendly services help to make locals' works easy and effective,” he added.

The application which is named “Dhangadimai Municipality” can be downloaded from play store. Mayor Chaudhary has set the goal to make effective services reach public households. Efforts to digitize the city have paced up. Household survey through GPS has reached final stage. According to Mayor Chaudhary, after the completion of the survey, household information can also be accessed through the app.

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