Ward chiefs hurl plastic bottles at each other

Published On: March 27, 2018 06:00 AM NPT By: Maheshwor Chamling Rai

UDAYAPUR, March 27: In a lowly behavior, two ward chiefs of Chaudandigadhi Municipality of Udayapur district have been found hurling plastic water bottles at each other during a meeting.

During a municipal meeting on Sunday, Ram Kumar Khadka, chief of ward no.10 hit Prakash Raut, chief of ward no.9 with a water bottle after a small dispute. "The meeting was going quiet well when we had a small dispute," said Santosh Subedi, chief of ward no.2, "Suddenly, ward chief Khadka threw a plastic water bottle at ward chief Raut. In response, Raut hurled the bottle back at Khadka.

Recently, a ward chief of western Nepal was accused of stealing a hen. People had just stopped thinking about this incident when two ward chiefs of Chaudandigadhi Municipality have been accused of hitting each other with water bottles. 

While Khadka is from the Nepali Congres (NC), Raut is from the CPN-UML. Both of them are from the former Hadiya VDC. According to the members present in the meeting, the dispute was over a small issue. The members were holding discussions on the budget sanctioned for the municipal convention slated for March 29, according to Subedi.

The municipal meeting could not proceed after the incident. According to Subedi, a press conference is to be organized to inform the people about the topic discussed in the meeting.

 Meanwhile, Mayor Khagendra Rai said that the dispute between the ward chiefs was a minor one. Contradicting Subedi, Mayor Rai said that the dispute erupted when the members were discussing about a proposed hospital in ward no.9. "But such disputes in meeting rooms are normal. We should take it lightly," Mayor Rai added.

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