Easy curls and waves

January 19, 2018 12:50 PM The Week Bureau

We all know that a flat iron is perfect for the sleek hair look. But at the same time this instrument can also be extremely useful to create a wide array of hairstyles. From waves to curls, you can obtain any parlor look you want by spending much lesser time at home. To help you get a different look each day, The Week brings to you five clever ways to use your straightening iron.  And, don’t worry, these tricks work on almost any hair type and length. 

Messy beach waves

This hairstyle is perfect for medium or short hair. If you don’t already have straight hair, then use your flat iron to straighten it first. And in case your hair is voluminous or is cut into layers then start from the bottom of your hair and then work your way upwards. 

First, take a section of your hair and angle your straightener in such a way that the bottom of your iron is facing the ceiling. Then, start at cheekbone level and place the section of your hair in the flat iron. Now, pulling your iron straight downwards would straighten your hair normally. But for messy beach curls, place your hair inside the flat iron; twist the iron half way by wrapping it with your hair and slowly pull the iron away from your face. Repeat this step until your entire hair has these waves. 

Big crimped hair

If you want the 80’s crimped look but do not have a crimping iron, there is no need to worry. A crimp is actually a curl that does not have a loop and it is very easy to get it with the help of a hair straightener. All you need to do is put your iron near the roots of your hair and twist the iron back and forth. 

The first step is to clamp your hair inside the flat iron, near your roots. Then twist your wrist in an upward motion inward so that the flat of your iron is at 90 degrees with the scalp. Then, move your iron an inch down and twist the iron downwards. Let the flat be 90 degrees again. Keep repeating the process for great crimped hair. 

Twisted waves 

There are actually two ways in which you can create twisted waves. Firstly, make a single braid with your hair if you have thin hair. For those who have thick and voluminous hair, you can make two to three braids. Then run a flat iron slowly over your braids a few times to create imperfect waves.

Similarly, you can also twist your hair and run the flat iron over the twisted hair to create an imperfect wave.

The basic curls 

If you have ever used a curling iron you know it is not easy to wrap your hair around the barrel. And, at the end, curling irons give you extremely artificial curls. It sounds weird but a straightening iron can actually be better than curling irons to curl your hair. Flat irons can also be much faster once you get the hang of it. Straightening irons may require a bit of practice, but they can give you perfect natural looking curls.  

It is always advisable for you to straighten your hair first as that will make it easier for you to manage your hair. Next, take a thick section of your hair if you want lose curls and a thin sections if you want more curls. Place your iron slightly away from the roots of your hair and then clamp your hair inside the blades. Then, roll your iron around 180 degrees and wrap your hair around the iron. Then slowly pull your iron downwards. Repeat this step to get perfect basic curls. 

Perfect ponytail 

To get the polished formal look, you first need to straighten you hair (if your hair isn’t already straight). Then, with a help of a rubber band or grip, tie your hair into a high ponytail. We all know that a sleek straight ponytail looks extremely boring. So to get the perfect polish flicks on your hair style, take ransom sections of your hair, use a straightener and turn it around 180 degrees in different directions. You will be party ready or meeting ready in minutes with your perfect ponytail. 

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