Waves of my heart

April 5, 2019 18:12 pm

Waves of my heart  Are fading away from myself hiding from me  And leaving me

GIZA, Aug 2: A team of German and Russian physicists studying the properties of the Great Pyramid, also known as the Khufu Pyramid, have found that it can concentrate electromagnetic energy inside its hidden chambers and focus the electromagnetic waves into the substrate region, according to a study published in the latest issue of the Journal of Applied Physics.

The trash was pushed onto Montesinos Beach by a recent storm, but environmentalists say the scene is becoming all the more common

ASSAMAKA, Niger, June 25:  From this isolated frontier post deep in the sands of the Sahara, the expelled migrants can be seen coming over the horizon by the hundreds. They look like specks in the distance, trudging miserably across some of the world’s most unforgiving terrain in the blistering sun.

Easy curls and waves

January 19, 2018 12:50 pm

We all know that a flat iron is perfect for the sleek hair look. But at the same time this instrument can also be extremely useful to create a wide array of hairstyles.

CAMBRIDGE, Oct17: Scientists in the United States and Europe have for the first time paired the detection of gravitational waves, the ripples in space and time predicted by Albert Einstein, with light from the same cosmic event, according to research published on Monday.

STOCKHOLM, Oct 3: The Latest on the Nobel Physics Prize (all times local):

MEXICO CITY, Sept 8:  A massive 8.1-magnitude earthquake hit off Mexico's southern coast, toppling houses in Chiapas state, causing at least five deaths and causing tsunami waves, officials said Friday.

How amazing would it be if we could communicate through brain signals and interpret complex thoughts within? Although a farfetched idea, it actually has been made possible with the invention of β-AT (Beta Assistive Toolkit) that detects the brain waves of patients with locked-in syndrome, cerebral palsy and paralysis with impaired hearing and vision.