Better be careful

January 3, 2018 11:02 AM Dipendra Thapa

Every incident in our life has the power to either make or break the quality of our life. For example, a smile on a baby’s face could make us happy for a moment or a whole day. Likewise, a minor inconvenient incident could make us sad and even worsen our day. We face or commit several misdemeanors, but leave it unnoticed or just avoid it just to win the rat race.

Some people don’t feel ashamed to fart in public and look at others cupping their nose. Some people step onto our shoes and pass by without even saying sorry. Once when I was waiting for the bus, a beautiful girl stepped onto my foot with one of her pointed heels and went past by giving me a dreadful glance. She looked at me like I was trying to harass her. After the incident, I felt uneasy the whole day. I came home, opened my shoes, and saw blood stains on my toe nail because of the girl’s heels.

The lump on students’ back after getting beaten from black plastic pipes is not a matter of concern for our teachers. Our bike riders prefer to ride like a snake on the footpath rather than waiting in the highway for green signal. Our public buses never stop at the stand, but rather around 100 or 200 meters far away from bus-stand. And we, we don’t prefer to climb the Everest-like overhead bridges, so we cross the roads from the shadow-crossings. 

As there is no Swoyambhunath Stupa, or Changunarayan Temple at the top of the bridge, we don’t want to climb the stairs. But we’d climb the stairs if they had three pairs of socks selling for Rs 100 upstairs. 

We live in a country where we re-think whether to proceed or not if a black cat crosses our way, or a crow poops on us. But why don’t we turn back or even redeem ourselves from such misdemeanor? Life is what we are living everyday and every event affects the quality of our life. We are always in a rush to win the rat race, but at least we can stay away from committing such minor offenses. 

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