Kathmanduites celebrate Topi Day

January 2, 2018 09:47 AM Republica

Nepali youths have figured out a comparatively new way to express their love for nation. In 2014, various group of youths in different parts of the country celebrated Nepali Poshak Diwas with the aim to promote national dress and culture. The Nepali Poshak Diwas was later changed into Topi Diwas, and is celebrated on January 1. The trend caught a hold of social media as the selfies and wefies wearing dhaka topis (Nepali cap) started swarming Facebook, Instagram and Twitter among other social media platforms. 

The day, however, is not accepted and celebrated by everyone in the country. So to understand their take on Topi Diwas and to know why they celebrate it, My City’s team talked to a few people on the streets. Here are the edited excerpts. 

Ayushi Bista (19) Student, Chabahil

Topi is a part of our identity and culture as a Nepali. Though the dhaka topi is usually worn by men, even women join in to mark Topi Day as a collective effort toward ensuring patriotism. I think people should celebrate this day with positivity because it helps in promoting our culture globally.

Hem Bikram Silwal (40) Co-coordinator of Swatantra Nagarik Samaj

In recent days, even the minister, higher rank officer don’t wear Nepali cap ‘topi’ and ‘Darura Surwal’ while diplomatic visiting in foreign countries. But, countries like Bhutan, India and other countries wear their traditional dress code to represent their nationality. Hence, for me this International Cap Day and National Dress day can push the Nepali to wear their national dress and as result it will help to preserve our culture in near future.

KP Khanal (17) Student, Baneshwar

Of course, celebrating Topi Day is good especially for the youths who have nearly forgotten our originality and culture. Topi is the symbol of our nationality and it represents our cultural globally. Indeed, this is a special day to all Nepalis who have love and care for their identity.

Rudra Karki (52) Teacher, Basantapur

Due to westernization and modernization, the youths of our country tend to stay away from culture. So for me, Topi Day is important not because it reflects our traditional, it also force to think the youth about their endangered nationality. As result, youth will wear the ‘Topi’ in special occasion which help to preserve their own identity in future.

Rabina Chettri (27) Student, Hattiban

We all can see that the younger generations like us have gradually forgotten our customs and cultures. So, Topi Day surely helps to preserve our true identity of being a Nepali. Moreover, youth should always love their culture and traditional besides celebrating the international New Year. As a prod Nepali, I am happy to celebrate this special day. 

Sappu Panta (23) Student, Bhaisipati

This day is special for us because it draws all Nepalis, regardless of the culture and class, together in unity. I think it is better to celebrate our own Topi Day instead of thronging the streets on international New Year day. Most of the youths these days are interested in western cultures, but celebrations like Topi Day are a reminder of our originality. 

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