Land brokers’ protest troubles public

Published On: October 18, 2017 08:09 AM NPT By: Nagendra Upadhyaya

SURKHET, Oct 17: Jayarup Budha, 74, of Lekhgau, is in the district headquarters Birendranagar since the past four days. Since last Friday, he has been making rounds of the land revenue office, every day, where he has to get some office work done for handing over his ancestral property to his two sons. But he never gets to reach past the front gate of the office. 

 The reason is the protest of real estate agents of the district. “They do not allow us to go inside. They stop us either at the main door and the service door,” he said: “We have informed the District Administration Office (DAO) but they do not listen to us.” 

The DAO is just next to the land revenue office. The real estate agents are protesting after the administration stopped land plotting on fertile land. 

“I have been staying at a hotel with my sons since the last four days, I have spent all my money at the hotel,” Budha said: “We once reached inside the office, but even there, they did not do our work.” 

Srijana Roka from Birendranagar-4 has been facing similar problem. She also returned from the main gate of land revenue office. “Real estate agents stopped us from going inside,” she said: “We don’t know how long their protest lasts.” 

The real estate agents have demanded with the government that they are allowed to plot land, saying that is their right to do whatever they wanted with their property. 

“The government cannot deprive us from a fundamental right,” Om Prakash Kafle, real estate agent, said: “The government’s decision is contradicts the constitution.”

They have demanded that the government should categorize lands before imposing the ban on plotting. 

The agents are protesting the government’s decision to stop plotting of fertile land from August 10. 
Contrary to the agents’ claim, the government has not imposed a total ban, but has put a ceiling on plotting and selling. As per the government decision, an individual can partition or sell land only once in any fiscal year. Likewise, there is no ban on partitioning ancestral property. 

 The real estate agents have filed a writ at the Supreme Court against the government decision. The court has issued an interim order not to implement the government’s decision immediately.
Ram Prasad Khanal, chief of Land Revenue Office Surkhet, said that it was wrong for the agents to protest on an issue that was under court review. “The agents have filed a writ at the Supreme Court against the cabinet’s decision, but the ministry has ordered us to work as per the cabinet’s decision until the court gives its final verdict,” he said: “We will work as per the cabinet’s decision. The agents’ protest does not have any meaning.”

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