KATHMANDU, March 3: After embarking on a 23-day-long journey, victims of loan sharks, who arrived in Kathmandu on February 22, are continuing their protests for the second straight week.

KATHMANDU, March 2: Family members of Shalin Pokharel, along with other youths, gathered in front of the western gate of Singha Durbar and Shanti Batika, Ratnapark, on Saturday to stage a protest demanding justice for the 14-year-old girl from Chitwan.

KATHMANDU, March 1: Scrap traders in Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) staged a protest on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Feb 29: Loan shark victims staged a protest by blowing whistles on the streets from Bhrikutimandap to Baluwatar as part of their daily demonstration on Thursday.

KATHMANDU, Feb 26: The victims of microfinance who have gathered in Kathmandu from across the country entered the Parliament building premises in New Baneshwor and chanted slogans on Monday.

KATHMANDU, Feb 24: Loan shark victims, who have gathered in Kathmandu to seek justice, decided not to organize a protest on Saturday. Nirga Nabin, the spokesperson of Kisan-Majdur Sangharsha Samiti against Loan Sharking and Fraud, mentioned that they did not schedule any demonstration for Saturday due to an ongoing internal discussion.

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: Various groups including the Unified Dalit Mukti Morcha, Nepal Caste System Abolition Morcha, Nepal National Dalit Center, and United Dalit Rights Forum organized a protest at Maitighar Mandala, Kathmandu demanding justice for the murder of Ajit Mizar and strong action against the perpetrator.

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: Photojournalists in Kathmandu staged a protest outside the Nepal Army Pavilion in Tudikhel.

BARA, Feb 18: The locals of Rampurwa in Kolhabi Municipality-9 of Bara district picketed the District Administration Office (DAO) on Sunday demanding action against the land mafia who are selling public land to the general public.

KATHMANDU, Feb 16: The police have detained three people who were staging a sit-in at Maitighar on Friday demanding the government to remove Maitighar as a prohibited area.

KATHMANDU, Feb 13: The protest program organized by a group led by the controversial medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai began in the capital with the release of a pair of pigeons today.

Street vendors stage protests against KMC

February 11, 2024 15:30 pm

KATHMANDU, Feb 11: The street vendors operating within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) have staged demonstrations against the metropolis.

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: The local businessmen of the New Road area have closed the shutters of their shops and started a second day protest.

KATHMANDU, Jan 22: Businessmen at Kathmandu Mall held a protest in front of the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) on Monday alleging assault by the KMC police.

KATHMANDU, Jan 21: Nepal Students’ Union (NSU), the student wing of the ruling party Nepali Congress, held a protest on Sunday demanding the repeal o0f the order declaring Maitighar as a prohibited area in Kathmandu. The NSU's Kathmandu district working committee organized the protest by gathering at Maitighar, where the prohibited area has been designated.

NEPALGUNJ, Jan 10:  Electric rickshaw drivers of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan City have launched a protest. They started protesting after the sub-metropolitan city used a bulldozer to seize 'illegal' electric rickshaws without proper documents.

KATHMANDU, Jan 6: The police have apprehended nine individuals, including senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govind KC, for staging a protest in the prohibited area of Maitighar Mandala.

KATHMANDU, Jan 2: The Central Committee of the Nepal Students' Union (NSU) has staged a demonstration in front of the Examination Controller’s Office, Balkhu with demand to put an end to the political sharing in key appointments in Tribhuvan University (TU).

KATHMANDU, Dec 29:  Youths protesting over the issue of Employment Permit System (EPS) examination set the car belonging to Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Prakash Jwala on fire at Balkumari in Lalitpur.

BIRGUNJ, Dec 27: Employees at Jagdamba Steel, Triveni Spinning Mill, and Hulas Steels in Simra, Bara, staged a protest against the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) for cutting off power lines.

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: Nepal Sanatan Dharma Sanskriti Sangathan has staged a protest, demanding the resignation of Sudan Kirati, the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation. The protest was triggered by dissatisfaction with Minister Kirati's statements during a public program on Wednesday.

KATHMANDU, Dec 21: On Thursday, 17 activists were arrested during a protest at Maitighar Mandala in Kathmandu.

LALITPUR, Dec 13: Activist Iih was barred from peacefully protesting in front of Lalitpur Metropolitan City.

KATHMANDU, Dec 12: Social campaigner Iih has started 108-minute protest in front of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) office against the LMC’s decision to remove sidewalk shops.

KATHMANDU, Dec 8: Young people willing to go to Korea for foreign employment are demanding that the quota for 2024 be opened in 2024 instead of now. To get this demand of theirs addressed, they initiated a protest on Tuesday, which lasted for four days, concluding on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Dec 4: The teachers and employees of Agriculture and Forestry University have launched a protest after the office-bearers of the university who were appointed on the basis of the quotas of the major political parties started distributing the university’s land to organizations affiliated with their respective political parties.

KATHMANDU, Dec 4: The employees of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) have initiated a protest calling for the removal of Ubaraj Adhikari, the executive chief of the state-owned airlines. The protest unfolded as employees barred the executive chief from entering the office premises, citing concerns about the airline's precarious state.

KATHMANDU, Nov 30: The Accountability Watch Committee (AWC) has raised objections to the extreme repression against the right to peacefully assemble and protest, as well as prohibiting the movement of Durga Prasai and his supporters.

In his trademark rustic style, Prasain has struck a chord with the suffering masses, bringing these issues to the forefront―a matter that has become a persistent thorn in the government's throat.

KATHMANDU, Nov 26: Durga Prasai, a medical entrepreneur advocating for a change in the political system, will limit today's protest activities to a motorcycle rally in Bhaktapur on the fourth day of the ongoing demonstration.

KATHMANDU, Nov 25: Medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai-led group has decided to withdraw from their planned protests in Tinkune and Maitighar after facing opposition from local authorities and security agencies. In response to the denial of permission for the protest in those areas, the Prasai group has agreed to relocate their demonstration to Sifal Ground in Kathmandu.

Message of Durga Prasai's Rally

November 24, 2023 07:40 am

The streets of Kathmandu witnessed a surge of people under the leadership of Durga Prasai, rallying together for what they call the "great campaign to save the nation, nationality, religion, culture, and citizens of Nepal."

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: Two groups are demonstrating in the capital today. At present, the protestors have started arriving in the Balkhu and Tinkune area.

In Pictures: From Balkhu to Tinkune

November 23, 2023 11:16 am

KATHMANDU, Nov 23: The streets in Kathmandu wear a deserted look on Thursday following announcements by two groups to hold demonstrations in the capital today.

Hold demonstrations peacefully

November 23, 2023 07:32 am

The air in Kathmandu is filled with tension and anticipation, not for a celebration or a momentous occasion, but rather for a demonstration scheduled for Thursday. The mastermind behind this controversy is none other than a controversial medical practitioner, Durga Prasai.

KATHMANDU, Nov 22: The Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police Office has requested the people to come out with their vehicles on roads only for urgent work tomorrow.

KATHMANDU, Nov 20: Demonstrations were held at Maitighar Mandala in the capital on Monday against the government's imposition of a ban on TikTok.

KATHMANDU, Nov 18: TikTok users have expressed their displeasure against the government’s decision to ban the popular social media application.

KATHMANDU, Nov 2: In a symbolic act of protest, Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Sanjay Kumar Gautam opted for silence during the zero-hour of the meeting of the House of Representatives, making a satirical statement without uttering a word.

KATHMANDU, Oct 20: A large number of people staged protest against the killing of civilians in Gaza region on Friday.

KATHMANDU, Oct 15: The protesting local level employees have withdrawn their protest program. The protest was withdrawn following the signing of a 19-point agreement between the government and the representatives of the local level employees who were opposing the Federal Civil Service Act.

KATHMANDU, Oct 11: On Wednesday, women's rights activists held a protest at Maitighar in Kathmandu, demanding the reversal of the presidential pardon to and re-imprisonment of Yograj Dhakal aka Regal. They also held a peaceful vigil and protest rally.

KATHMANDU, Oct 9: The Human Rights and Peace Society staged a protest in front of Sheetal Niwas (Office of the President of Nepal) on Monday.

GANDAKI, Sept 27: All the services except emergency services are closed in hospitals in Pokhara today in protest against the attack on health workers at Manipal Hospital.

KATHMANDU, Sept 22: The agitating teachers in Kathmandu took to the streets for the third consecutive day on Friday, expressing their discontent through dancing and singing.

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: Expressing dissatisfaction with some of the provisions in the School Education Bill 2080 BS recently introduced by the government, government school teachers have continued with their Kathmandu-centric protest on Thursday as well.

KATHMANDU, Sept 21: Expressing dissatisfaction with some of the provisions in the School Education Bill 2080 BS recently introduced in parliament by the government, school teachers affiliated to government schools have started a protest centered in Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Local government employees are gearing up for a protest, exerting pressure to expedite the Federal Civil Service Bill in order to address their grievances.

KATHMANDU, Sept 20: Expressing dissatisfaction with some of the provisions in the School Education Bill 2080 BS recently introduced by the government, government school teachers have started a protest centered on Kathmandu.

KATHMANDU, Sept 19: A group of activists led by Ishan, popularly known as Iih, initiated a movement calling for improved management of street vendors in the city.