Farmers obliged to spend profits on maintenance of damaged road

Published On: September 2, 2017 08:39 AM NPT By: Chhabi Lal Tiwari

PARBAT, Sept 1: Farmers of Kurgha and Lamithana of Phalebas Municipality are having trouble in transporting milk to the market as the roads to the villages have been damaged in recent rains. Now they are spending the money earned from selling milk to repair the damaged roads. 

Dairy farmers have complained that though Phalebas Municipality has been receiving millions of rupees for farmers, it has been showing indifference towards road maintenance.

The farmers, associated with Chirdikhola Dairy Cooperative, produce milk every day that gives them good returns. 

“There are millions of rupees with the municipality that is meant for the farmers. But still we have not been able to transport milk to the market,” said Shova Chhetri, a local farmer. She said that as municipality has turned blind eye to the problem, they have been paying money earned from by selling milk for road maintenance. 

“The municipality chief has said that the road will be maintained six months later after purchasing bulldozer and trucks,” Chhetri told Republica: “How to transport milk to the market for six months?”
She added that the budget allocated for farmers should be spent in solving farmers’ problems instead of buying bulldozer and trucks. “Farmers will unhappy if the allocated money is spent on the vehicles,” she said. 

Chief of the Municipality, Padampani Sharma, said that maintaining roads during the monsoon will not give out good results so the maintenance should be done after monsoon. 

He stated that the problem is worrisome but the farmers should wait till the monsoon is over. “It will have no value if the section maintained today gets swept away tomorrow,” he said: “The roads will be maintained as soon as monsoon ends.”

Almost two-kilometer-long road section from Phalebas Municipality to Kurgha gets damaged during monsoon, making it hard for vehicles to run. There are huge holes in the road section.

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