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Published On: June 30, 2017 10:31 AM NPT By: Republica  | @RepublicaNepal

Juggling household chores and personal life can be quite an intimidating task for some people, especially if they have longer work hours. You may find that you only have time to clean up during the weekend, and other chores that don’t need immediate attention might be pushed to the last possible moment. However, with the help of Help Solution Pvt. Ltd, you might not need to worry about any of these trivial tasks anymore.

The services
The company was established in 2015, after the earthquake, with the objective of not just providing services to people in the city but to create employment as well. The services they provide are three folds: They queue up for you, provide hired help to cook and clean the house and offices, and deliver goods within the city. They realize that with more and more people becoming career oriented, they are reluctant to do tasks that may take them away from their jobs. The company wishes to target this generation and provide what they desperately need in the chaos of the modern world: Simplicity and a little bit of convenience.   

Help to shine
“We are the cleaning branch of the company and we basically match the clients with people who are looking for job as a maid in their area,” says Samikchya Sharma, speaking for Help to Shine. They first went from house to house, distributing pamphlets and asking people who were above 18 years of age, who had a citizenship card if they were interested to register to be a house-help. When they had a sizeable number of people willing to work with them, they then started their marketing campaign and clients began to trickle in. “In the two years, we have successfully placed about 700 to 1000 people with clients,” she reveals.

To match the two, they find the domestic helper whose timings and criteria match the one of the client looking for a maid. She is then called to the office in Buddhanagar to learn more about the client’s profile. Her original citizenship is kept with the company for safety reasons. After this, she is then taken by the company to meet the client at their house. There is a three-day trail period where you can show her the ropes and familiarize her with what needs to be done around the house. After the trail period, if both parties are satisfied, the company draws up an eight-month contract. For these eight months, you pay the company Rs 4000 charge and then give the help her salary every month. The company charges might change with the number of hours you want the maid to work. After the contract is over, renewing it costs Rs 3500 for another eight months.   

“The salary of the domestic help depends on amount of time you want their services for,” says Sharma adding that daytime services from 10 am to 5 pm are cheaper than early mornings with the difference varying from Rs 500-1000. They don’t just have help for households though, if you own a business and are looking for someone to clean your office, they will come in handy as well. Not only do all the help clean, they can cook as well.

You will need to give a 15 days’ notice if you don’t like the help you have been sent so that they can look for someone else for you and place her somewhere else too. If you want her to be terminated on the same day, they will tell you to manage for up to two weeks before they find a replacement. “It is our responsibility to place at least three maids with a client, in succession if they don’t work out, during the contract period,” says Sharma. However, for an office, they have backup people so that even if there is an emergency, someone will turn up to do the days’ work.

Mr Help
 Mr Help is another branch of the company, and it tries to make your days as smooth as possible by helping you delegate all your small tasks to someone else. If you have other engagements and can’t possibly line up to renew the bluebook, pay the taxes or even pay your electricity bill, you can call them up and ask them to do it for you. Aliza Shrestha, who spoke on behalf of Mr Help, reveals that it costs Rs 500 for your bluebook renewal, if you drop it off and pick it up at their office. If you are too busy to do that, they can send their people to pick and drop your bluebook wherever you are, with an additional cost of Rs100.

“For now we only have one person who runs around doing the deliveries and all other tasks,” she says, “He manages to do everything on time, but we are looking to hire more people as more people have been requesting our services.”

If you are stuck in meetings all day, but don’t want your friend’s birthday to slip by, they even deliver birthday gifts and cakes, anywhere inside the valley. For weddings and other functions that require a lot of running around, if you want to delegate the stress of delivering cards all it takes is one phone call and you have someone at your doorsteps willing to do it for you. The prices for these vary according to the distance of the place and the number of cards for deliveries.  


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