Women in drug trafficking

Published On: August 8, 2022 07:30 PM NPT By: Yogesh Rawal

TIKAPUR, August 8: In the eastern area of ​​Kailali, the involvement of women in drug trafficking has started to increase. According to the police, women are involved in drug trafficking from bringing the contraband from across the border in India to selling and distribution. It has been found that some women who went to the Indian border market Tikuniya to bring household goods are carrying drugs.

They get money for transporting drugs. According to the police, it is women who sell drugs and collect the money and pay it to their Indian suppliers. The police arrested Suwasani Chaudhary, 29, of Dibyapur, Tikapur Municipality-7 on the 20th of July for being involved in similar activities. The police claimed that she has been involved in this activity for the past five months. Chaudhary also admitted that she was involved in drug trafficking.

She said that she was bringing the drug heroin from Indian citizen Pradip Sardar. She said that the illegal drugs were sold to some people in the Tikapur and Lamki area. She said that a woman from Lamki bought brown sugar with her many times. She said that she sold illegal drugs to many people even in Tikapur. In her statement given to the police, she said that she did not know any of those people.

“I used to talk to them through mobile phones. They used to come and take the goods and pay,” she said in her statement to the police, “'I didn't know much more than that.” She said that most of the time Indian citizens deliver drugs to the border area. On the day of her arrest, she said that she had brought the drugs from Bandipur near Tikuniya, the Indian border market. She said that she had brought 30 grams of brown heroin that day.

According to her, on that day, Indian citizens were called by Sardar in Bandipur. She had brought the drug by hiding it in a bag of pepper. She was asked by a person from Lamki to come to Tikapur with the goods. She reached Tikapur with 10 grams of brown heroin. She gave the goods to that person near Haat Bazar and received Rs 40,000.

The Area Police Office Tikapur got the information about the sale and distribution of drug heroin. Deputy Superintendent of Police Hem Bahadur Shahi informed that a local youth informed the police. The young man is a former drug addict. According to the police, he was in contact with Chaudhary for some time. The police arrested Chaudhary near Haatbazar.

The police recovered only Rs 40,000 from her. She told the police that she threw the remaining drugs on the road. Police were unable to find the drugs. After no drugs were recovered from the arrested Chaudhary, the police left her in custody. Deputy Superintendent of Police Shahi said that although he admitted that he was involved in drug trafficking during the statement, he had to leave due to lack of evidence.

She said everything clearly during the statement. According to what she has said during the investigation, everything has become clear. He said, "There was no basis for prosecuting Chaudhary." For transporting drugs, women are getting paid at the rate of 400 per gram. Chaudhary said that it was agreed that she would receive 12,000 rupees for 30 grams and give the remaining amount to Sardar, an Indian citizen.

"It was agreed that we would keep our salary and pay the remaining amount to him," she said. Her husband works as a wage earner. He often lives outside the house. She has two sons aged 11 and 9.

According to the police, Indian nationals use many other such women in drug trafficking. The investigation of the police has shown that they use women because they are honest and easy to hide and transport drugs. Last year, a Shahi woman who was selling fruits at Lamki Chowk was arrested with heroin.

During the investigation, the police found that her entire family was involved in this act. Even now, it is said that her daughter-in-law is in jail on charges of selling and distributing drugs. Similarly, a woman of Tikapur municipality-1 block no 6 fell into drug addiction herself while transporting drugs. She was arrested along with brown heroin.

Another woman who runs a cosmetic shop in Tikapur was also arrested with drugs. The police discovered that not only her but also her husband was addicted. The police said that they have been released after spending some time in jail. Drug addiction has become a headache for the police. Many young people are falling prey to drug addiction.

According to the police, criminal activities have increased in the society due to this. Deputy Superintendent of Police Shahi says that it is becoming very challenging for the police to stop drug addiction. He said that the net of drug addiction has spread in the society due to the carelessness of the parents. "Parents are not serious about this," he said, "It is difficult to stop drug addiction with the efforts of the police alone."

The eastern area of ​​Kailali is becoming an arena of drug addiction. Due to the open border area, drugs are easily smuggled. Some Indian citizens living in the border area have been involved in large-scale drug trafficking towards Nepal. Even though the police know which person is doing such work, they have not been able to arrest him.


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