Celebrating daughter's birth in Bajhang raises eyebrows

Published On: January 4, 2017 08:57 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Jan 4: Celebrating the birth of a son is not a new thing for the locals of Bajhang. But, recently, a couple did something unusual which surprised many of them. 

Shyam Nepali and Anita Darji of Kailash VDC-5, Bajhang, challenged the orthodox society as they expressed their happiness over the birth of a baby girl by distributing fruits to 18 patients of the District Hospital.

"This is a rare incident in a society where males are encouraged for multiple marriages and women are forced to give birth to many children until a son is born. It is unusual to see someone distributing fruits to celebrate the birth of a girl child," said Ram Chandra Bohara, 60, a patient at the same hospital. "I got married to three women expecting a son and it is really surprising to see this couple happily accepting the birth of a daughter,"he added.

"I was obliged to give birth to seven daughters as my family demanded a son. When I was not able do that, my in-laws started mistreating me and I was offered with only one-time meal. Later, my husband got married to another woman. But today, after seeing this couple happily celebrating the birth of their daughter, my happiness has no limits," said Dalli Devijagri, 46, of Bajhang.

This couple has set an example in a society where there are numerous incidents of discrimination and violence against women for not giving birth to a son. 

"Being a mother, I feel that there is no difference between a daughter and a son," said the mother of the newly-born girl. "We both are educated and have a revolutionary spirit. So, by celebrating the birth of our daughter, we wanted to challenge the society," she added. 

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