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Victim’s family does not wish to see her body before culprit is arrested

Published On: September 27, 2020 09:00 PM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Sept 27: Samjhana BK was a charming girl. Twelve years old BK was a sixth grader at Mashta Basic School, a public school in Mashta Rural Municipality-2, a remote village in Bajhang. But as the pandemic forced schools across the country to shut down for multiple months, BK was staying home with her grandmother and two sisters. “Because her school was closed and she remained at home for most of the time, Samjhana helped us in household chores. She was gradually growing into a bigger, brighter and smarter girl,” recalls Haasu Kami, her grandmother who is now surviving with her darling granddaughter’s memories.

'Elderly people biggest hurdle to campaign against chhaupadi'

Published On: February 12, 2020 09:16 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Feb 12: After dismantling over 70 chhausheds (menstruation sheds) and yet not being able to quite make a difference in terms of discouraging the chhau culture, the local administration has 'realized' that the biggest obstruction is the elderly people. While police and some young locals have jointly been carrying out chhaushed-free campaigns for the last few weeks, senior family members have simply been found to have forced women and girls to continue to live in isolation during menstruation.

Women urge for 'brainwashing' along with strict measures against Chhaupadi

Published On: January 20, 2020 10:09 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Jan 20: Women in Bajhang have urged for programs which not only destroy the menstruation sheds but also change the mindset of people regarding menstruation. Unless this is done, the government's move to do away with the culture of Chhaupadi will not be successful, they warn. "The administration has been focusing on destroying Chhau sheds, our families are not comfortable with the idea of keeping us at home when we bleed. Ultimately, it's us who suffer," said Alakuli Jaisi of Prithivi Municipality – 11. While expressing her views during an interaction organized by the District Administration Office on Sunday, she said that women have been forced to spend days under the open sky since Chhau sheds are fast being dismantled.

Bajhang airport blacktopping behind schedule

Published On: December 2, 2019 12:19 PM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Dec 2: The upgrading and blacktopping work of Dewal Airport in Bajhang is behind schedule.

Hope of getting clean drinking water elates Chainpur locals

Published On: November 19, 2019 11:00 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Nov 18 :People living in the headquarters of Bajhang and neighboring villages who have been drinking the water of the Seti River and Bauli Gaad will finally be provided safe and clean drinking water. The villagers of Jay Prithvi Municipality, Bhojpur, Damdur and Dewat of Chainpur, Bhajang will be supplied safe drinking water through collaborative efforts of the Asian Development bank and the Chainpur Drinking Water and Cleanliness Consumer's Committee (CDWCCC).

Bajhang hit by viral infections, hospitals jam-packed

Published On: September 10, 2019 07:19 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Sept 9: The district hospital of Bajhang and private medical centers have been jam-packed with the patients of viral infections. Most of them are from the rural villages and have high fever. According to the medical superintendent of the district hospital, Sandip Okheda, viral fever has gripped the people here for the last two weeks. "Hundreds of people are coming to the hospital for treatment. The situation is chaotic," he said. "People are getting sick due to the changing season, consumption of dirty water, the recent floods and so on," he added.

Inmate found carrying spy camera inside prison

Published On: July 20, 2019 07:51 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, July 20: Breaching the law, an inmate serving a jail term on the charge of rape was found carrying a spy pen camera inside the District Prison, Bajhang, police revealed.

10 killed in Bajhang jeep accident

Published On: June 18, 2019 08:10 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, June 18: Ten persons were killed while six others sustained injuries when a passenger jeep heading toward Masta Rural Municipality from Dungri of Jaya Prithvi Municipality in Bajhang district met with an accident on Monday afternoon.

Update: Nine killed, five injured in Bajhang jeep accident

Published On: June 17, 2019 05:12 PM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, June 17: Nine persons were killed while five others sustained injuries when a passenger jeep met with an accident in Bajhang district on Monday afternoon.

A rural municipality blocks road to another rural municipality after being denied access to yarsha pockets

Published On: May 23, 2019 09:47 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, May 23: Residents of Talkot Rural Municipality - 4 have blocked the road to Saipal Rural Municipality accusing its residents of conspiring to deprive them of access to yarsha pockets. Dozens of mules and yarsha pickers have been stranded on the way due to the blockade. Talkot Rural Municipality residents have blocked the road connecting Panalat, Syada, Kuwa, Lokand and Jaad areas of Saipal Rural Municipality which is home to some of the yarsha pockets in the area.

Locals exchange yarsagumba with alcohol

Published On: May 2, 2019 09:00 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, May 2: Yarsa collectors in Bajhang district have been accused of exchanging the valuable herb for alcoholic beverages. The people involved in the shady business are suspected of having set up a black market, solely for the purpose.

Schools shut in Bajhang as teachers, students head to highlands

Published On: May 1, 2019 08:18 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, May 1: These days, Kalpana Bohora, a ninth grader at Kanda Secondary School in Bajhang, is found worrying about how much herbs she will collect in a particular day. She says she never cared so much about her school lessons as much she does about Yarsa, a Himalayan herb with purported aphrodisiac properties.

Women’s growing attraction toward vegetable farming

Published On: April 7, 2019 03:05 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, April 7: Debu Khadka of Chainpur-10 remains busy working on her farm from dawn to dusk. However, she hardly feels tired. “When you love your work, you don’t feel tired no matter how much you work. I love farming,” she beams.

Sudurpaschim assembly member held for 7 hours by Chand’s cadres

Published On: March 9, 2019 07:54 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, March 9: Devaki Malla (Thapa), a member of the Sudurpaschim province assembly who was  briefly held by the cadres of the Netra Bikram Chand-led CPN-Maoist on Friday was released the same day after an “interrogation by the party.”

Dalits in Bajhang shut down meat shops as non-Dalits refuse to buy

Published On: February 26, 2019 03:23 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Feb 25: Working hard for years and seeking loans from others, Kailash Bahadur Okheda of Kotdeval in Bjahang had opened Kotdeval Meat Shop in his locality. Okheda, however, was forced to shut the shop and bear a loss of more than Rs 300,000 "for being a Dalit."

2 killed, 16 injured in jeep accident

Published On: February 19, 2019 07:57 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Feb 19: Two people died and 16 others were injured when an overloaded jeep met with an accident in Kaprikot of Bajhang district following brake failure on Sunday evening.

Food depot brings happiness to remote Bajhang rural municipality

Published On: January 20, 2019 04:30 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Jan 20: ​ Birkise Rokaya, 58, was never this happy before. With food depot now in village, he thinks that food crisis won't hit his village anymore.

Students forced to study under open sky

Published On: November 23, 2018 07:10 PM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Nov 23: The students of Bishwanath Primary School, Basti have been forced to study in the open sky after their school building was swept away by landslides.

Students forced to study on landslide debris

Published On: November 23, 2018 04:30 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Nov 23: The students of a school in Bajhang district are forced to study on landslide debris, risking to be buried by another landslide.

Hypocritical politicians sustain caste system: Dalits

Published On: August 6, 2018 08:59 AM NPT By: Jagat Khadka

BAJHANG, Aug 6: Mangal Aauji of Masta Rural Municipality - 1 still remembers several bitter incidences from his childhood, where he was discriminated on the basis of his caste. He remembers how people belonging to the so-called higher caste would treat him lowly but he would fail to understand for doing so.