Mother-to-be poses in the middle of dramatic storms

Published On: December 26, 2016 06:15 PM NPT By: Agencies

A brave mum-to-be posed for these stunning maternity snaps in the middle of dramatic storms.

Daow Wegner,34, from Wyoming, put her fears to one side to pose for the unique set of family photos captured by her storm chaser husband Nicolaus Wegner in Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.

Photographer Nicolaus explained that he planned the shoot in a bid to combine his love for portraiture and storm photography.

Nicolaus, 36, said: ‘Everyone has storm photos or time-lapse videos of storms but not many have combined maternity portraiture and storm photography.’
The pair works together shooting portraits and weddings, and they work extensively with the natural landscape around them.

But the maternity storm chaser shoot was something new and different by the pair.

‘I wanted to do something a little different and take some cool maternity photos to put in the kiddo’s room,’ Nicolaus explained.

‘This part of the world gets amazing storms so putting it all together was a fun project.’

Nicolaus said that he and his wife love pursuing the dramatic storms and watching them together.

He said: ‘Not much has changed now Daow’s pregnant, it’s still amazing photographing and witnessing these storms together.

‘I’m so happy I’ve had the chance to do this and I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to bring another human being into this world, and someday show them how awesome nature is.

'We are from nature and will always be a part of it in some way. No matter how much we change, or how much we try and change nature, it’s where we come from – we’re irrevocably connected.’

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