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Published On: August 13, 2017 09:53 AM NPT By: Republica

Youths’ Say On Youth Empowerment

Youths’ Say On Youth Empowerment

From holding unlimited fantasies to vying for firm aspirations, youths are considered to be the active demographic that shoulders the responsibility to change the face of the nation. With youths holding such an influential position, it is crucial to know the need of today’s generation. 
On the occasion of International Youth Day, Sonam Lama of My City talked to BScIT 4th semester students of Lord Buddha Education Foundation (LBEF), Maitidevi to learn about the hurdles youths have been facing in diverse fields and their opinion on how to empower youngsters.

Pramod Khatri
Our mindset is developed in such a way that for us academic excellence is the determining factor of one’s ability. Having guided by this belief, our minds are instilled with the notion to achieve academic success and even pressurized to excel in studies with or without our sense of willingness. Thus, youths should be properly guided and provided with a healthy environment to learn from their mistakes. To empower youths, they should be taught to serve the community. 

Rasmita Adhikari
As a youth, I think the acute lack of employment opportunity has discouraged Nepali youngsters. This has resulted in youths flying overseas in hoards as migrant workers. Even when you have acquired adequate education, employers demand years of experience without anyone giving fresh graduates a chance. In order to empower youths, it is crucial to acknowledge the barriers that have been hindering their growth and provide them with platforms to experience and learn leadership as well as decision-making skills.

Arya Bharti
As it is said that today’s youth is tomorrow’s leader, it is apparent that they shoulder the responsibility of contributing to the society. However, youths today are absorbed by the belief that flying overseas is the only way to give wings to their dreams. I think such false motivation is the main culprit of brain-drain from our country. Therefore, the most powerful tool to empower youths is to educate and aware them through exposure. 

Jeevan Paudel
In my view, a majority of youths in our society are pressurized to live up to the dreams of their parents or family, which obstructs them from realizing their potential. They are provided with a list of do’s and don’ts that in some ways draws boundaries and eventually curbs their interests. Having acknowledged that youths are the active population, various platforms should be provided to hone their skills.

Rubi Raj Shrestha
Like many other youths, I am guided by the belief that going abroad and earning money is the only favorable option to achieve any sort of success. This mentality need to change. But it is not possible without convincing youths that they have all the resources to explore their career within the country. To make it easier, I believe one should come out of the preconceived notion of flying broad for success and try sharing one’s experiences by participating in mass interaction or student exchange programs.

Amrit Rajbhandari
I believe our faulty learning system is the root problem for today’s youth. It is only through the right learning environment can we invite a healthy mindset. However, our education system that ensures mugging up knowledge could turn futile when youths lack pragmatic skills to pursue professionalism in the future. Thus, I am hopeful that as youths we can improvise on educational fields to confirm rest of the changes taking place in a gradual manner.

Amir Ali
We don’t need grand innovation to invite changes; all we need is individual efforts. I believe we should establish an improvised teaching-learning system and widen the sphere to unhesitatingly share what we feel. It stands important that youths are bound by simple principles of life. This could hopefully be a way to fight against all sorts of problems that youths have been facing.

Bijay Shrestha
As far as I am concerned, youths in our country have been bearing the brunt of prolonged political transition. With an acute lack of basic infrastructures, youths are finding it tough to make their aspirations come true amidst the political instability. It is important for the authoritative bodies and government to take initiation toward creating a suitable environment for youths to hold a hopeful vision and follow their dreams through trainings and incubation classes.

Sushant Rauniyar
In my view, the practice of nepotism has been the only hurdle of youth empowerment. Also, the preference that we give to abroad studies needs to be toned down. Moreover, the health hazards caused due to pollution is less considered, but is lethal for our physical and mental wellbeing in the long run. The responsibility of empowering youths depends on both individual and national approaches through awareness campaigns and participation of youths in policy making. 

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