Published On: June 14, 2019 03:53 PM NPT By: Agencies

Yang Hyun Suk Announces Plans To Step Down From YG Entertainment

Yang Hyun Suk Announces Plans To Step Down From YG Entertainment



Yang Hyun Suk shared his official statement regarding the recent controversies surrounding YG Entertainment. While denying the allegations, he announced his plans to step down from his position at YG Entertainment.

The founder of the agency said, “I am so sorry to the fans who love YG and our agency celebrities. I am also sincerely apologetic to all of our employees who are silently continuing to do their work throughout the downpour of criticism.”

He continued, “I have been patiently tolerating words about the current situation that are too disgraceful and humiliating to mention as they have been told indiscriminately as though they are the truth. However, I think it’s too difficult now. I think that there can no longer be a situation where YG, our agency celebrities, and fans are experiencing harm due to me.”

Yang Hyun Suk concluded, “For 23 years, I have dedicated half my life and everything to growing YG. However, I will step down from all of my positions and work at YG starting today. I sincerely hope that there is no further harm to the YG agency celebrities I love, and to the fans who love them, because of me.”

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