Published On: July 22, 2019 02:45 PM NPT By: Agencies

Would you slap yourselves for good skin?

Would you slap yourselves for good skin?

Photo Courtsey: times of india

How far can you go to get beautiful skin?
If you gently massage the toner, cleanser, and moisturizer on your face, (heck, you love your facial skin), Koreans and many skin experts overseas won't be happy with your technique. An extremely weird trend is taking the Internet by storm and that requires you to slap and tap your skin.

Wondering why?
Well, Korean beauties believe that slapping the facial skin improves blood flow in the facial area and increases the energy levels of your skin. Same applies to when you are putting creams as well as moisturizers. Slapping the face as a beauty regime is also said to work on the collagen - making your skin soft and supple. Remember, microneedling? Dermaplaning?

According to skin experts, the process of slapping should not be painful or discomforting. You just have to put better pressure to allow products to penetrate the skin better and enhance blood flow to activate facial cells. Your skin will feel flushed the moment you do it.

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