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Sulav is a Grade VII student at GEMS School, Dhapakhel.

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Published On: October 9, 2017 09:46 AM NPT By: Sulav Supratik


I will gaze at the stars
And maybe even Mars
They are all so bright
On a wonderful clear winter night.

Feeling the breeze
Watching the trees
They’re swaying with grace
In this peaceful little place.

Time moves on, more and more
It’s getting colder than it was before
People are sick and sneezing
Because this weather is so freezing.

One of the prettiest times of year
Winter season is finally here
32 is the magic number
For a white blanket as you slumber.

Yummy things like hot chocolate and more
Cookies, treats, and sweets galore
A fascinating season winter is
With its beauty, peace, and bliss.

Sulav is a Grade VII student at GEMS School, Dhapakhel. 

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