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Published On: August 5, 2018 08:27 AM NPT By: Avinash Manandhar

Where’s he now?

Where’s he now?

Where’s he now? 
The artist in you
Discovering arts everyday
Something different, something new

And there was a player
Defeating all the opponents
Invention of techniques he did
Most of the time, his favorite games

How could you forget him? 
The writer who wrote, all that you thought
Stories, poems, songs and conversations
He used to be in you, where he got lost?

The painter, the singer
The midnight thinker 
Dancer of the moonlight
And sometimes he cried

Where’s the rainbow? 
And the architect to build 
Where’s the farmer? 
Once he harvested this field

Can’t you see and feel yet? 
Attachment of you and them
Within you, all them people
The reason to give you the fame 

Did you kill them? 
With your pride, with your ego
Or did they just escaped
For they had somewhere else to go?

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wheres, he,

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