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Published On: June 11, 2019 08:05 AM NPT By: Aarati Baral

When they said…

When they said…

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They said she should be beautiful
and when she looked herself in mirror,
she saw the power of a pretty face,
long hair and alluring body.

They said she should be proper 
and when she observed  her behaviors,
she felt how moral, ethical and 
socially acceptable they were. 

They said she should be patient
and when she waited for marriage,
she found how precise it was to
surrender herself to the one she didn't know. 

They said she should be able to conceive 
and when she gave birth to a child, 
she realized the struggle of menstrual cramps and essence of being a woman. 

They said she should be responsible 
and when she worked to make her family happy,
she found being praised 
and accepted by everyone. 

They said she should be sacrificing
and when she saw the death of her husband,
she gave up the color red along with her happiness and interests. 

They said she should be submissive
and when she couldn't revolt against it,
she obeyed the things that they said
and the nature was conveyed to other generations. 

They said, said, said and said. 
and when she carried those tags accordingly
one day she realized how she was used by them
Then each day she revolted, every single day she rebelled. 

Still she is carrying several tags and rising against them.

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